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Dear all, Could anyone please help me measure INL of an ADC in cadence? Currently i am giving a ramp input to the ADC, and trying to get the histogram measurement of the ADC output. Using the, I am trying to calculate the DNL and hence INL. I feel that this method is not accurate. I tried using the INL function in cadence. But that didnt work eith
Hello all, I am wondering if any body has the issue with very long simulation time because of very large values for node voltages in trannoise simulations? in a few samples of monte carlo simulation of trannoise very large values happened in voltages in different bandwidth values.
I WANT TO KNOW THAT I WROTE A CODE SAVING COUNTER VALUES IN EEPROM AT24c512 BUT PROBLEM IS THAT I COULD NOT ABLE TO STORE VALUE ABOVE 255, I WANT TO STORE VALUE 0-500. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO DO? void ex0_isr (void) interrupt 0 { ex0_isr_counter++; // Increment the count by button } void main() { ex0_isr_counter = read
Hi Everyone, I want to return to the FPGA world. In the past I only used Xilinx FPGAs and I remeber their devolpment tools (ISE webpack) was heavy and buggy. I also was looking at prices in Digikey and their products seem to be much more expensive than those of Lattice or Intel for similar specs. Im planning to start with a development board
Hi everyone, I am studying to use FPGA to do impedance measure. Therefore, I refer to AD5933 Impedance Converter to study their structures and implement it in FPGA. There are several things not clear when I studying the datasheet. Since I cannot find out any solution of my questions from the datasheet, hopefully, can get some help here. Maybe
I developed an algorithm using verilog-hdl in vivado. Now I want to check how long my algorithm will take to process 200 samples without actually dumping it in FPGA kit. So, how to check processing time of a design in vivado software only?
Hello all, I want to see the impact of noise in time domain on my circuit voltage nodes. I read the HSPICE manual and found trannoise command. I am not sure how should I set the parameters. I tried default values with only two Monte carlo samples. It took a lot of time. I am wondering which parameter has the most impact of simulation time, sinc
How can I rewrite this code to use less RAM & ROM? ADC: 10bit. Speed: 1MSPS. Data input range: 0-5V. CPU: DSPIC30F2010; 16bit. This code is working fine. But consuming 25% of total ROM & 40% RAM. I need suggestion to rewrite this code so that I can save some RAM & ROM. I need at-least 20 samples to get the best result. Signal is both AC & D
I am working with gnss sdr software for processing rf signal captured in file. In gnss sdr software configuration the data source mentions adc sampling rate and type as i and q samples. Nothing is mentioned about IF frequency. Does that mean the intermediate frequency is always zero for I and Q components?
How can I measure the average points of the peak if these signals and one avg of max&min value of sine wave. Note that I'm new with dsPIC ics but have been working with PIC and atmel ICs for a long time. Yes, I can do it in my older method but those are time consuming for this product. That is why I'm asking for suggestion from experienced friends
Hi all, Anybody has a code written for a N point moving average filter in C? I am basically stuck with the implementation when it comes to the averaging part. It would be great if someone can help me kickstart with sample code. Regards.
Hi I need help to understand speed of SPI Ic MCP3004 Features: 10-bit resolution Four single-ended channels SPI interface ?1 LSB DNL ?1 LSB INL 200 ksps sample rate at 5V I do not understand meaning of 200 ksps sample rate at 5V. does it means mcp3004 can send one bit to slave at speed of 200 ksps ? Each bit take minimum 200 ksbs for
Dear friends, We need a closed loop amplifer connection with a gain=unity for the purpose of simulating the large and small signal response, I usualy do by using resistor feedback with RF=Rin. However I see some people are using capacitors as a feedback elements as shown below, which one of the configuration should be preferable and what is the
ACS712-5A AC Current Reading - How to? I am referring Application 4 on Page 12 of the datasheet and also referring Pafe 13. Datasheet I am using exact 1N4448W diode mentioned in the Application 4. I don't want to use RF or R1. I amusing a 100nF for C1.
I read a lot about it and found that for better accuracy Wave ports are the bread and butter of HFSS, however I still don't get the rules of thumbs of what are the right instructions to create it at any of different cases For instance when I created Wave ports for 17.5GHz attached to microstrip according to the definition of wide as 5 times the mi
hi, how did engineers decided to use AC electricity of 50 Hz frequency for homes? why not any other value ? what if we change frequency to some other value say 75 Hz or 100 Hz ? will it have any side effect ? thanks
Hello, I am a student doing research in high-speed electrical link. I have came up with a new signaling scheme, and want to see spectrum plot of it but not sure how to correctly perform fft on the signal in MATLAB. My signaling scheme, uses phase modulation to have same spectral efficiency as PAM-4 signal (which is 2bits/UI) but has one-UI tha
Hello, I am running the Circuit optimization from ADE GXL, I am practising simple two-stage operational amplifier as it has shown below, I want to include a formula in my output setup the M6 drain current is near or equal to M7 drain current. This condition for the optimizer will assure that my circuit will have a very small offset voltage.
Is it feasible to transmit sound over UART protocol in embedded devices such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, etc? If yes, what bitrate should these systems support? Thank you...
Hello all, I am trying to figure out how often I can get new data from the NPA 201 sensor. In other words what is the Output Data Rate? I cannot seem to find it on the data sheet. All I can find is the maximum clock frequency for I2C. Link below for data sheet: