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hi mjvijay can you please share the spyglass tutorials as i am a newbie and do we have evaluation version of spyglass Try to get the information/documentation from Try to get your selves registered giving a valid reason , if you are a genuine buyer you will get evaluation versions from the home pa
Hi All, Does anyone has atrenta spyglass documents for CDC,LOWPOPWER estimation , DFT checks and constraint would be great help if someone can provide Appnotes or user manuals of these tools. Regards; Nitin
Source: Mentor's 0-In CDC atrenta: spyglass-CDC Real Intent: Meridian CDC Cadence: Encounter Conformal CDC
hi all, what atrenta do ? what are the tools name of this company? and how is this company? Tauqueer
Please post ur question with more details. It is not clear whether u r looking for CAD tools which does power estimation or were you looking for methodology/flow to compute power estimation with a CAD tool.. atrenta's Power Estimation or spyglass Lowpower can do a decent job or if you were some sort of correlation within your mainstream implemen
try spyglass of atrenta it is sure to be the best linter. check after you will check this im pretty sure you will agree with me. regards.
hi fox, need help to get atrenta spyglass tool. regards, hawk. :wink: