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With my usbtiny programmer i am not able to program atmega88 though i programmed atmega16 and attiny2313 with the same.. Its displaying device initialization error.. My programmer has 6 pin cable.. gnd,vcc,mosi,miso,rst,sck Do i just need to connect these pins to the appropriate pins of the controller like in atmega16 or is there any (...)
AVR In-Circuit Serial programmer attiny2313 programming pins are: 92283 Best regards, Peter :wink:
connectors often force us to stop using the devices based on LPT and COM ports. Presented device is useful and cheap. It starts with AVR ISP programmer, which had converter system on a chip ARK3116S in the plug. Using this, USBasp was built. attiny2313 was in the housing. The
hi i am new how to program attiny2313 . sorry..:cry: Added after 5 hours 31 minutes: every tine i try to connect serial port connector to pc than program this error comes up for pic download device missing unknown device (-24) how can i fix this error ? (device missing or unknown device (-24)).. error
Yeah at90s2313 obsoleted, closest replacement is attiny2313. You can use the attached simple Parallel port programmer to program it. Rgds,
Hello. I have included a file that's of No Use, But it does show i am serious. Part of the problem is, It is not clear to me if the attiny2313 is capable of being programmed without an external Xtal. I read somewhere that SCK must be Toggled 2 times in order to turn the Internal Oscillator on. Due to the Poor wording of the PDF i just don't ful
Hello everyone .. I have project working on AVR and I need to buy a programmer to download hex file .. From where can I get one and there is any website to order one .. I'm use attiny2313 .. Please I need your help..
Hello Sir, What programmer is used & in which language programming done? this one supports the you can build your programmer. Do a google search for avrdude. My preference is to program in assembly because all of the atmel avr so
"Simple attiny2313 programmer" Regards, IanP
What do you mean with parallel programming?He has an AVR Dongle programmer on LPT.He alredy tried at another guy to work on STK 500 board,but the same problem as above I hope you know the purpose of RESET pin in ISP programming mode. Well if you disable it and set as I/O you won't be able to program the circuit t
Hi! Visit the site and you will find the in system programmer. I have been using it without any problems with ATmega8L, ATmega8535,attiny2313. Regards.
Is there anyone, who can help me? I'd like to found a simple low cost programmer for attiny2313! Thx a lot!
Hy all! Till now, I used 90s2313, and now I want to use attiny2313. The base problem is: how I can programme the new chip? I used Fun-card programmer, with IC-Prog 1.05D to programming the 90s2313 chip, and I'd like to know, can I use it with the tinny2313? Thank for your answer! Added after 1 minutes:[/size