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I bought a atx computer power supply last year to make a power supply for hobby electronics. And while using it, I got curious of how much -12v rail would push. It said 0.3A, but I tested it with a multimeter anyways, and got around 6~8A. It wasn't stable and after 2~3 seconds, it made some popping sound and shut down. The symptoms are : When you
Connecting power supplies in series is quite common, there should not have any impediment on this at the atx power supply. The only remark is that perhaps you should ensure a minimum load at the 5v. If I'm correct, the 12v control is took from the 5v reference.
I need for my tests some good quality power supply. I have 12v 2amp, 3amp etc. and few boost converters. I recently found my old atx power supply , Odeyssey 400watt atx power supply (dated OCT 2005). I thought may be if I could repair it without much effort it is worth keeping as an additional power supply. ( I have plans to take 5-8 (...)
USB power is a POOR choice for 12v Peltier 92W device even if you boost voltage. USB is clearly for low power devices such as 1W unless special communication and/or USB3 port can get 4.5W However, any old PC atx can supply this from IDE or HDD plug.
The pico PSU is favourite device for fan-less PC. I have collected ebay data to see the volt and AMP needed to make One. Now i grabbed a Buck circuit with flexi voltage conversion via zener selected . This is Ckt-A And for the little -12v line Ckt-b is selected I am sure being a newbie there may be lot mistakes . Doubts
Hi. After reading some guides on the net, I decided to make my own power supply starting from an atx PSU. I wrote down a sort of project and I'd like to know if in your opinion it's OK so that I start making it. Materials: atx PSU Solder atx female connector Drill Project box 10x binding posts Potentio
You can look for a 110V input atx supply. These are common with 18A output. Some have a 110V/220V switch. That will not work with DC input.I bought a 12v/18A supply from market for Rs.950 from market recently with an input range of 90-250V. I think it is for Play Station. You can make a simple inverter supply of 250W with iron core. .
Hi All, I'm a newbie here and to electronics generally tbh. I'm hoping to design a SSR-switched circuit to switch quickly between a mains-driven 500W 12v supply (utilising an atx PSU) and a couple of big 12v deep-cycle batteries in parallel to create a sort of UPS, favouring mains but with the option of running purely off battery when in (...)
The molex connectors are rated for 12v only. Dont' know which you mean, but "5.08mm Pitch Disk Drive Power Connectors" are e.g. rated for 250 "Mini-Fit Jr" connectors used with atx power supplies have 600V/6-9A rating (depending on the number of circuits) So problem with this kind of connectors is current, not volta
Hi folks. I need help. I need an atx power source but it has to mach some specifications. It should be 150W and should have an input range from, at least 19 to 60VDC, in other words, a combination between an 24 with ans 48V power sources I was reading at this file that they exist but I did a deep search on google and all catalogues I have
The modification in the above circuit effectively redesigns the TL494 circuit to achieve constant I/V operation. I didn't calculate the dimensioning but I presume it can be adjusted to work stable. Beyond the scope of this thread, I wonder if modfication of atx supplies is the best way to make your own supply. I saw this circuit before
atx boards supply the CPU DC/DC converter through a dedicated 12C 4-pin connector. Do your measurements refer to the 12v node current?
only the +5V supply on an atx supply is capable An atx supply according to the atx Power Supply Design Guide has similar current delivery for 12v and 5V rails. This is due to the fact that both CPU core and high performance graphic cards are supplied by 12v. There are two 12v outputs that (...)
Hi all I have the mobo GA-8N-SLI-royal and i would like a help. The problem: I connect the 24 power supply connector, the atx 12v 4 pins connector, and the 12v/5V 4 pins connector. I took off the CPU and all the RAM's, I/O cables etc. The CPU FAN blower in connected. Then i push the power button and the Q23 (MOSFET K3918) starts (...)
You already have 24V in any atx PSU.. Any modifications to PSU will void warranty. Most PSU's need a 10% pre-load of rated current on main supply to keep it stable but if already connected to your PC, just tap into the +12 and -12v pins. If standalone.. dont forget to jumper the POWER On to ground. 75423
Dear All, I want to design a Battery Charger 12v 6-8 A I want to make a switching supply using 350W atx Flyback transformers. My problem is i can't use PC supply as it is please tell me how do i make power supply from PC Supply components.
Hi, i want to add a +14V terminal to an atx(450W). i want to use the resource of the same atx even if that requires an external circuit. it may require some changes in the main transformer section. maybe by changing the transformer and adding additional circuitry. can someone help with schematic. plz let me know the changes required th
can you connect atx/atx 12v output to 5v output of another atx supply or are there gnd problems?Unscrewing PCB off the case makes gnd float (floats anyway when you plug it in the 2 pin wall socket) and possibly each will set its current to Vtotal/Load and regulate just it's own output voltage-i.e what kind of small signal (...)
If the voltage comes from an atx power supply why not use the +12v rail instead? But I think it will still need more current than one +12v rail will give you (due to safety rules that impose a current limit on each rail).
anyone please tell me what should i do for the following: i just need a 100A 12v psu. For light weight and easyness, i'm planning to use atx PSUs. These are SMPS right?? Now I have PSUs for @ 12v, 20A Max. So I can use 5 PSUs tied togather in a buss-bar. So total 12v 100A. Right?? i mean so simple... tie all of the (...)

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