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I bought a atx computer power supply last year to make a power supply for hobby electronics. And while using it, I got curious of how much -12V rail would push. It said 0.3A, but I tested it with a multimeter anyways, and got around 6~8A. It wasn't stable and after 2~3 seconds, it made some popping sound and (...)
Hello. i have a HP atx 300w power supply that i need to repair. i got it used and when i plugged it in 230v outlet(i made sure that voltage selector switch was set to 230v) i powered it on and shorted the green and black pins. immediately i saw sparks and smoke. i turned off it then open it inside. Found 2 burnt and broken (...)
Connecting power supplies in series is quite common, there should not have any impediment on this at the atx power supply. The only remark is that perhaps you should ensure a minimum load at the 5v. If I'm correct, the 12v control is took from the 5v reference.
Hello. I have a 12V @ 16,5A XBOX 360 power supply(but this question do concern any commersial PSU) but I need at least 24V output. I know that atx power supplies often can be adjusted by locating th feedback resistive divider and changing its values but I want to pose you a question. Lets say that I open up my XBOX (...)
The circuit can control a atx power supply without a relays by simply connecting T1 collector to PS_ON# (green) and 5V to +5VSB (purple) and GND (black).
I need for my tests some good quality power supply. I have 12v 2amp, 3amp etc. and few boost converters. I recently found my old atx power supply , Odeyssey 400watt atx power supply (dated OCT 2005). I thought may be if I could repair it without much (...)
hi! I'm going to design power supply schematic that will be like this : atx PSU -> BOOST CONVETOR (12-30V) -> STEP DOWN SWITCHING REGULATOR -> CONSTANT CURRENT CIRCUIT -> OUTPUT so the only problem I have is will this boost controller : will work? it is rated for 30V 3A but this is so small will it actually
Hi! I'm planning to make a power supply for 0-20-30 volt and 5+ amps. I found these to build projects But I thought that an easy way to get what I need is just put two atx psu in series and put a chea
hello for some reason i want to feed DC power into my PC , my plan is to using 4 diode rectifier then a huge capacitor bank (electrolytic 400v) to rectify the mains . does the computer atx power supply accepts 220v dc input ??? i know it is smps , it is corsair gs 600 , the datasheet does not mention this subject .
Hi there ! I need service manual or at least design guide for this atx v.2.2 power supply. Here is a link to manufacturer: Thank you.
Hi, I recently converted an atx PC power supply to a lab supply. I connected -12V, +12V, 3.3V, 5V and Ground to binding posts. I added 2 LEDs to the Gray and Purple wires and connected a 750ohm resistor between the LEDs and ground. Then I put 2 10w 10ohm resistors in series between +5V and Ground. Finally, I added a (...)
got an atx DC-DC PSU M2atx 160W. It worked well when I first bought it. I've not used it in a long time, and I've never used it for any substantial period of time. Mostly testing ideas. I don't recall it being
USB power is a POOR choice for 12V Peltier 92W device even if you boost voltage. USB is clearly for low power devices such as 1W unless special communication and/or USB3 port can get 4.5W However, any old PC atx can supply this from IDE or HDD plug.
Hi. After reading some guides on the net, I decided to make my own power supply starting from an atx PSU. I wrote down a sort of project and I'd like to know if in your opinion it's OK so that I start making it. Materials: atx PSU Solder atx female connector Drill Project box 10x binding posts (...)
Hi guys, I started this thread because my PC's PSU stopped working. When I opened it to check what the problem is, I found two elements damaged, they are a power Mosfet (CEF02N7) and a resistor of 1.2Ohms/1W. Additionaly connected to mosfet gate there are a small IC, on something like a SOT23-6 package, whose code marking is EA546 or EAS46, the pro
... I need an atx power source ... what exactly do you mean by this ? Does this mean that you need to convert a 19-60vDC to multiple outputs @ 3.3v, 5v, +12v, -12v ?
hello. I want to modify atx power supply and increase its output voltage. In atx circuits there is a 12v in addition to 5vsb for driving tl494 and other components. In most circuits there is a diode(some times series with a under 100ohm res) from main 12v rail to this 12v. When I remove this diode, circuit make noise (...)
I bought ARESZE 450W atx power supply and installed today and have a few questions... It seems a lot louder than it should be, according to a noise meter app from my phone its running at around 40 dBa. Which is the same as my antec case with 5 case fans, GFX Card fan... There were no instructions in the box whatsoever, just the PSU (...)
Hi all, I need some info on serializing atx SPS. Is this possible to do and does someone have any circuits to help me out. The goal is to make a variable bench power supply, I hoped that I could put 3 atx supply's in serie to have 0-36V. cba01
My Intel Motherboard G31 power Problem. When I connect power supply & switch on My CPU collar Fan not running but when plug out 4 pin atx CPU power running CPU collar. But no beep sound,no display...Please any body help me...