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First you can find some books on video compression and audio compression. Afer obtaining main idea on vide compression, you can begin on MPEG-2 standard. If you have no backgrounding on compression, you will find it dull to read the standard
Hi, I wasn't sure which forum to post this question in, I don't want to waste peoples time. But here it is. I've got 2 AV 2.4Ghz modules (Tx/Rx). The system can send a video signal (in this case, its designed for PAL-I) and a stereo audio signal. I was thinking of using the system for sending data, namely digital (...)
I came across the following site ( ) using TV tuner as communication receivers. The tuner mentioned is difficult to source now. With the availability of cheap TV cards for the PCs (with built in tv tuner outputting video and audio directly), can the following be done (the tuner will be remov
Any one have any circuit or idea on how to make a tv receiver . I want to apply power & RF signal to the circuit and get BASEBand video output plus the audio. REGARDS ASSUMING you have the antenna part, which you did not mention. You have not mentioned the standards. What standard?
Look to Virtual-Dub program. You can separate sound from video by it. It is working with almoust all video formats - from raw video files to AVI. If you need to use it with MPEG2 files, then you can use the modification of this program, called VirtualDub - MPEG2. Get it here:
Who can introduct video and audio layout method. and some skill.
the follow document is test report on Linux/winXP (Not use EDA tool but you can find video /audio coding performance between linux & winXP ) from this test report , some application on FC Suse or winXP have the equal speed .. but I don't know if use Hspice on Linux & winXP whi
are there any DV encode chips?
Hi, There are single chip audio video modulators on the market like: TA1243, TA1297 from Toshiba, TDA8722, TDA8822 from Philips, TDA6060 from Siemens. These contain a rF oscillator, PLL circuit, and their RF section is suitable for the 470-860 MHz range (some of them goes down to 38.9 MHz IF frequencies). Some of them has a PLL for the (...)
Hi, When high QOS is required over a wireless link (ex. video streaming, high quality audio streaming..), a low BER must be achieved over the transmission. In closed spaces or in spaces with multiple obstacles, radio transmissions can be altered by cross fadings, multipath propagations, etc. These can affect the QOS. This is why are used often two
Set of 5 DVD (>20GB) with schematics, user and service manuals: Amplifier (23.2MB) audio (2.06GB) CAR alarm (4.83MB) CAR radio (908MB) CARS - MOTOS (429MB) CB - RTX (2.62GB) CCD foto-video (874MB) CD - DVD (170MB) Clean machine (1.14MB) Conditioner (6.82MB) Copier (13MB) Deck (7.62MB) ECR (2MB) Game (5.32MB) (...)
Look at this site, you can find so much about car audio and speakers design; really usefull. good look pildor :D
Does anybody know where to get documents on audio video synchronization for media switches? smpte 318m-1999 and smpte rp168 would be helpful Thanks -h
Hello Reghu it is possible with adobe premier software to add audio to video clip. You may edit movie with VCD cutter. try good luck thanks
Anyone know any details of these, ie chipsets and block diagrams?
The TV Transmitter combines linelevel audio and video signals, and transmits the resulting signal up to 300 feet. MOD : Do not upload materials which are freely available on the net. Just give the link
Hi All, If you are looking for video patch look at If you have audio patch please PM me. Thanx
I start to make set top box based on xilinx fpgas and mcu. I will use mitsubishi m16 or h8 mcu. There was ideas. Does anybody know where is better to start or is it there something similar on the net, like cores for video, audio,....... tanks :lol:
I'm looking for a good schematic of FM AV modulator (VCO) in band 900 - 1800 MHz for ATV modulator .. Can someone help me ?
Hello :) I bouth the PC video card with composite TV out. Of course now I want to watch films on TV, so I connected video-output and sound-card output to TV trough SCART cable connection. It all works well, video is great, but all the time there is disturbing hum noise at the back of the audio (...)