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Hello I have found this audio video modulator. The author states that it works ok without using an audio transformer. Can it be done or is it hoax?
You can transmit analog A/V in 5.8GHz ISM band (5725MHz-5875MHz) following the ISM regulations.
I have made many audio, video and high speed logic circuits on stripboard without any "wires all over the place" (as on a breadboard) and they all worked perfectly and looked good enough to be sold as the final circuit.
Hello, I have an iOS app that currently plays audio that it is generated internally. What I want if to to somehow measure the sound output delivered by each channel and send it back through the microphone line electrically. I could send the same audio back and them measure it on iOS or maybe measure it with a uController (...)
can not understand what type of ( a Firewire device or a plug-in card. It converts the video and audio from the recording into a data stream, usually AVI ) device. what it could be ?
In your home or in a business there is 50Hz or 60Hz mains wiring all around you. The voltage of the mains electricity is high so it causes interference. Any unshielded wires are antennas to the interference. audio and video equipment use shielded connecting cables that block the interference.
CD plays audio, not video . DVD plays video.
A video signal has audible components, the most obvious assumption is that they couple into the audio path. In this case filtering is useless. Higher audio level, a balanced line or similar means could be considered. No essential informations about cable type and length, voltage levels or even circuits have yet reached (...)
good luck, each cable company is a little different. Basically u need some sort of RF tuner front end and a demodulator, probably a QAM demodulator. Then a boat load of digital crunching to get out audio and video
Hi Please suggest me books which has implementation(ASIC or FPGA) methodologies for basic DSP and information theory designs.
Hi every body Does any body have notice to commax video door phones ? ( I have opened a set of Commax video door phone indoor panel and outdoor panel) there are 4 wires between indoor panel and outdoor panel the red one is for audio between indoor panel and outdoor panel the blue is (...)
hi dear friends, i need to send a video signal (and audio and another control signals) in 2.4 GHz by a wireless 2.4 GHz module, there is many wireless 2.4 GHz modules, but they have RX and TX interface, how to do this?!! :???: how much data rate is necessary for 5" screen video signal? (...)
Am trying to capture the TMDS signal of a HDMI Circuit. But Unfortunately am new for these kind of HDMI signals, since my past projects are only general embedded category and Not on AV Signals, i mean audio/video Signals. I do have an Oscilloscope of both Digital and Analog Channels to capture these signals, since am using a (...)
can anyone give me an algorithm to separate audio and video from a source file having both audio and video part. I want to implement it using DSP blocks. Also any kind of help on this topic is more than welcome. Thank youu
You do not specify what you intend to transmit there and back. If it is a voice, buy low-cost walkie-talkies operating at 430 MHz. Then you can increase the range by adding directional antennas. If you need to transmit video/audio, again you can use low-cost "wireless cameras" and add better antennas. If you need to (...)
the basic way is to take the analog video output of the camera and FM modulate a carrier in the 2.45 Ghz range. You can use a separate channel for audio, or some fancy multiplexing scheme to modulate the audio with the video. You then analog demodulate at the receiver. If you want to do it is both easier (...)
Hi All, I want to implement SDR in my Laptop, I am using UTV-382 usb tv tuner. There are code samples (using Dshowlib and other libraries) for getting decoded video and audio signals but i require RF samples from tuner that would be IF samples. Does anybody know any windows library or API for getting those RF data from (...)
Hi All, I am planing to do a small portable audio/video Camera. This camera must be able to do these simple functions: - Recording audio/video. - Store it to SD card. I would like to have "as simple system as we can", so what kind of solution and image processors do you advice us to use for such (...)
Hello, I have a secondhand TFT Color Screen video with a 8-pins mini subconnector without any documentation and remote. I can find the characteristics of it but nothing else. It is also known as CUB-HR-070 or AV-070 and can be used with a DVD AV9750. The PCB inside is marked Smart View SVL-R1.4 which has a 8-pin (...)
Soc typically refers to a chip that contains a main microprocessor, on-chip memory, memory controllers along with numerous other components that can include wifi/audio/video/graphics processors and controllers. depending on what your application is, you can work with a simple processor or a SoC. Taking ARM processors as an example, here is (...)