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I did something similar a long time ago with a Coolrunner - sending mixed audio, sometimes video and also other digitized data down a fibre. I picked a fixed data rate that would cope and stuck with that all the time. Other details are a bit hazy - it was maybe 10-15 years ago. Keith
I represent a group of software developers from Eastern Europe and the US specializing in video and audio MPEG compression, multiplexers, encoders, transcoders, DirectShow Filters, video and speech recognition and complex video/audio (...)
Hi all, Already 1 week trying to fine good kit for my future project but already confused everything. Need to do some measurements with video and audio singals and then send results by USB or RS232 port. So I need FPGA or DSP+FPGA kit (platform). Kit must to do high speed ADC of analog signal up to 1080p, PAL/NTSC signal (...)
Hi all, I just want to buy a DPS or FPGA Development Kit for video and audio signal processing for analog and digital signals. Please suggest me any development broad. and one more question. Which one is better for video and audio signal processing DSP or (...)
Which software do you use to design and implement digital filters - any kind of filters (audio, Images, video, etc)? I want to do a short survey, so please answer the following: 1- Student/Worker 2- Software tool(s) 3- Hardware target (i.e. MCU DSP, FPGA, etc.) 4- Type of digital filters (FIR/IIR, 1D/2D..., Order, ...) 5- (...)
Please help. I live in the UK. I have moved into a flat in a tenement. I have a coaxial cable entering my living room. I'm not sure what it's source (i assume it's an ariel somewhere on the roof) is but outside the flat it comes from a splitter which seems to send a cable into each flat. It was connected to a small circut just inside my flat whi
Now I want to start study DPS programing for video and audio signal processing, but I don't know is it possible to do this with Verilog or not. If it possible can somebody suggest me Development Starter Kit for DPS programing. Thanks It's absolutely possible, as a matter of fact, many of the video and (...)
HDMI Digital Wireless audio video Sender
The original has better audio and video resolution: YouTube - ‪3D LED Dancer‬‏ . This is the company that produced it: 3D LED Display,Dance Floor,Interactive LED,LED Control System | Seekway Technology Ltd. .
Saying the modulator is generating a considerable amount of high order harmonics is just another word for telling it's rather non-linear and thus involving intermodulation of audio and video carrier. So won't you have to wonder about a reason for bad video and audio quality. (...)
can someone help please> Tv video and audio is good, except that it seems that some of the channels are locked. I get an onscreen message saying " PROTECTED PROGRAM BY TV 14 " and another screen marked ACCESS CODE " Dont know the acess code . please help. rasc
Dear All, If we want copy the data from CD to memory chip we need a PC and memory Card Reader , Is it possible without the computer and card reader?. My idea of this project is to read the information(audio or video or data) from the CD or DVD using DVD ROM and send the data to memory chip.( SD, Micro (...)
Ubuntu Studio is aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as professional. Ubuntu Studio. A multimedia creation flavor of Ubuntu. We provide a suite of the best open-source applications available for multimedia creation. Completely free to use, modify and redistribute. Your only limitation is (...)
Hi there, I have a quick question about a project of mine. I am converting an old philco radio into an entertainment system. Part of this project is an AV component selector. I need to take the audio and video from four systems and be able to select one for the television and stereo input. I have a (...)
I'm seraching for companise who sell video Decoder ( of NTSC/PAL/SeCAM) IP ,SIF audio decoder and VBI Decoder, but only found is ZORAN's CVD2 IP,,, Is there any other available video decoder IP seller? plz let me know.
Hi, I want to input a NTSC composite video input. I know that RCA jacks are used for this purpose,. I found one and attached its datasheet. The application says that it is used for audio applications and doesnt explicitly say for composite video. Are the RCA jacks different for audio (...)
Remote Controled AV Switch Using PIC16F84A and Few Parts. I Have Made This Inside Normal Selector Available In The Market. Source Code Mainly From There Are Lot Of Protocols There Read Can Be Changed To Use On Any Remote, First You Have To Get The Codes. If you don't know the c
Hello, I am looking for schematics for TV audio and video modulators for my collection. I am basically interested in simple schematics using only transistors. I have searched the web and found 5-6 of such circuits but I think a greater source will be these vintage transistor based AV modulators from (...)
audio processing does not need a dsp, they can be easily done using any processor like ARM. The challenge is in video processing not audio processing.
Yes, Usually audio processing is faster than video one. -- Amr Ali