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How can we achive the lip syncronization in HDMI 1.4 Could any1 point out where to look for the syncronization of audio and video frames in HDMI
Hi I have problem to share .... if i am sending an video and audio trom the tranmsitter how can i achive the sync between two at the reciever. For eg when we playing a video frame how reproduce the right audio for that frame ...?
Lately I had problem how to receive and control TV signal at my satellite receiver on phone or computer (MAC PC) at any place on earth where Internet is available. I’ ve bought SLINGBOX SOLO that allow to : live video and audio streaming via
hi all my final year project is on an fm audio , video modulator and demodulator and am lost any assistance please save my soul?
Most audio and video circuits use shielded cable so they don't need a notch filter to cancel mains hum. Why does your circuit have mains hum?
I'm gonna choose a topic of dsp project. i prefer image, video, audio processing, but i don't really know what specific topic would be interesting and feasible. is there anyone could give me some ideas? Thx
Hi, check these links Basic video Capture and VMR9 live vedio control regards bassa
Take a look at some of the Burr Brown USB stereo audio codecs such as the PCM2906B. You don't need to write any usb code on the device to get it working.
Hi, follow the link for Face Detection C++ Library with Skin and Motion Analysis Face Recognition Project: Introduction To Face Recognition hope this
This sounds like what you want: You need the following toolboxes: Data Acquisition Image Processing (This is probably just for realtime image processing) Signal Processing
not sure who to contact. but i have some questions about advertising on i work for a small IDH and we have some products that would work well for the hobbiests on your forums. from FPGA's development kits, Images sensors interfaces, video reorders (low Def, and HD), image color science packages, audio, etc. (...)
Let me start by saying that I'm a noob with regards to electronics, but I tend to be a quick learner. Anyways, I saw the wireless relay control with xbee video and was looking to build something along these lines. The project is to create a remote microphone A/B switcher. One side would have
hi Im developing a small circuit for sending audio, video and rs232 in FM modulation. I have found several IC to perform the modulation integrated audio and video (have inputs for this) but also do not know how to inject rs2323 data. Any advice? Could injected together with (...)
I find a website in which contains many links to audio/video lectures in computer science and engineering.
hi I am developing a project for my school on the audio and video transmission with optical fiber, but have never used a laser diode and a phototransistor. Internet searching have not found anything similar and the forum either. Anyone can teach me some advice schematic and performance? (...)
yes you can but there are two ways either you should have to links one for Picture/video and one for your data/command or you can do it by using simple audio/video link and stream data as audio do AFSK. i don't know that can your web cam recognize static target or not (...)
Hi! we have a design which is having BF532 from ANALOG DEVICES, USB, ethernet, audio, video and other peripherals..... i have to design power supply for this board..... i don't have any previous experiance in this regard...i have seen the electrical specs in the datasheets...there are so many new terms are there like Supply (...)
hi everyone!! i'm new in dspic and i want to make a project. i want to make a audio spectrum analyzer like this like this there are sev
I think, the DE2 user manual answers your question. Actually, the DE2 has some AD/DA capabilities (audio Codec and video DAC), depends on your application, if it's suitable.
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