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use total video convertor which can split not only video files but also audio files as well... and its available for free
audio:High resolution low speed->Delta Sigma ADC video:High speed median resolution->Pipeline ADC
Hi First post! I was wondering if anyone would help me out with bluetooth. I want to make two bluetooth devices. One to connect to my computer and one to connect to my TV. I want to transfer S-video and 2 mono audio lines from my computer to the TV. So instead of running a long cable from my computer to my tv (...)
dsp development board has hardware to support cideo/audiodevelopment ie audio/video codecs Also it can have SRAM besides SDRAM Yes you can use DSP builder with Altera DE2 board
Hi, can anyone suggest a chipset solution/module which is able to transmit and receive audio and video using RF in the 2.4 GHz band? Thnx
:cry::?:I need some help to make a video/audio ipod cable. I need make a ipod video and stereo audio p2 cable to rca. The p2 plug stereo works? I need schematics to this...(sequence to solder in p2 cable of audio stereo and video). :DThanks... (...)
audio description is a term used to describe the descriptive narration of key visual elements in a video or multimedia product. sorry I read the title and answered. pls next time try to find a better title.
Do you want to design it or buy it? A VCR has a tuner and video/audio outputs. Remember that television RF and video standards differ by country.
Hi all, any one knows the voltage requirement for audio and video part of a CRT television (any size will do) ? Thanks Taring77
Hey, Can any one give some links for downloading audio-video players and plug-ins?? Venkatesan.s
I think you expect alot from PICs . Which sound do you mean ? With one output connected to the audio amplifier u create only Square wave with different frequencies using PWM technic or software based technics . IF u try harder maybe you could play WAV files using external DACs or ladder Resistors, but about MP3 files I dont think so . W
Hi, I'm using a 74HC4046A PLL/VCO to demodulate mono audio from an FM carrier. The carrier comes from a signal on CAT5e twisted-pair cable. (it rides on the common-mode on one pair which carries video on the differential mode) The carrier frequency is about 250kHz and the amplitude seen by the receiver is about 250mVp-p. Currently I'm (...)
The link had only lecture notes in pdf audio
I have a DVD player which has a av output (video, left and right audio) and I need to connect it to an old TV which has only input for antenna. So anybody who has some circuit, please upload it, or help if you know something... P.S and it really is urgent! Thanks, Johnny
hi all i recorded some programs from CABLE using Pixel view Capture card. when i try to edit it to extract audio from selected place i get error. i.e. described according to programs used. BLAZE MEDIA PRO when i select the video b/w two times and try to save audio of selected portion it gives error. (...)
Hi All Here is a site , Which has plenty of video and audio lectures on all Engineering and Sciences. Have a look at them Hope useful to all AK
img Details: 0121197905 Title: Handbook of Image and video Processing (Communications, Networking and Multimedia) Author: Alan C. Bovik (Editor) Publisher: Academic Pr
hi, how can i treat with the audio/video cable coming out from a camera to get the data from it??? i thought about the ADC can it work with it??? i am waiting replies thanks a lot
I would like to Design and Implement a Prototype of a Proxy, Server and client System for Streaming Media. Hints!!!!!. The system first receives original video/audio files from the source and encodes those using encoder/encoders. The system in question has to work effectively and efficiently (...)
Hello Everyone . Well After Building a audio Transmitter Now i want to transmit video Signals as well I have found This great IC . it is a VHF audio/video Modulator with RF Output level of 82dbuV . and i think if i connect a input of a camera and then connect an antenna at this IC's RF Out (...)