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source code for Multi client chat with file transfer and audio and video conferencing in java reply soon
need some helps for my thesis. I need some documents or links about video and audio coding tech. Please help me!
I have a Sony KV32S40. ITs seven years old. Just the other day the picture started to flash in and out. Its not like the other problems I've read about in relation to this set though. I have audio with no problems. The video just comes on for a little while then it goes black and flashes back on again continously. My (...)
I need digital rf video and audio link can you help me please about any schematic or app
Prof. Shiv Kalyanaraman's Online audio and video Lectures on Computer Networking Link:
IR Remote Control Theory The cheapest way to remotely control a device within a visible range is via Infra-Red light. Almost all audio and video equipment can be controlled this way nowadays. Due to this wide spread use the required components are quite cheap, thus making it ideal for us hobbyists to use IR control for our own projects.
Any one know a circuit for a norm conversor? pal-b/ntsc -> pal-N What do you mean with "PAL-B/NTSC"?? PAL-B has 625 lines, 50 fps, fh 15,625 kHz, colour carrier at 4,43361875 MHz, blanking setup 0 IRE, video bandwith 5,0 MHz, audio carrier 5,5 MHz, channel spacing 7 MHz (VHF) and 8 MHz (UHF) PAL-N is pretty simi
How streamming live audio and video works? Streaming a/v begins with capture and compression. This is typically done by a frame grabber with audio capability. The frame grabber captures (digitizes) the analog video (and audio) and then (...)
Hi, i need to delay a video signal to become synchronized to the audio . the differential time is about 3 seconds . any contributes are welcomed, Regards,
Found this and thought it would help. It only gives links to the program's websites but still a huge Sections: 1) Networking. 2) Work with files. 3) Desktop / System software. 4) Multimedia: 4.1) audio / CD. 4.2) Graphics. 4.3) video and other. 5)
Hi Friends I am looking for a project in video/audio CODECs. If anyone of you have the projects along with the source code, Please send me the documentation and the code to Thanks, Vishwa
wma is a compressed format for audio (Windows Media audio i guess). and wmv is a compressed format for video (Windows Media video). It is Microsoft's proprietary compression format for motion video. it is used for both streaming and downloading content via the Internet. very (...)
why dont you use cheap TV transmitters whose input takes video/audio and produce signal in TV band , you can inject into TV cable network simply ? and why dont you check the manual for possiblity to use video/audio signal from input connectors to be passed to TV (...) a day for coding video bitstream MPEG-4 or mpeg-2 that will depend on the system u r following...and for coding audio Mpeg-1 Layer-2 is used it is (came just before MP3). but in latest , i think people started using Mpeg-2/Mpeg-4 AAC too.
I am studing about water making in synchronize audio and video. But I don't anybook. Please, send me anybook about water making Email: Many thanks
Do you want to build a simple TV transmitter and TV receiver or you have in mind a audio/video link. For chip you are asking about the datasheet exists.
Hi, This site answers all quires on mpeg audio, video and provides very useful links on all open source code available on net. This provided all the information on lossy and lossless data compression algos with source code for VSCELP, CELP and MELP. ~Kalyan
which typeof filter is suitable for audio application which typeof filter is suitable for video application and why
I took the tuner output video and audio signal are routed to a NTSC/PAL video decoder and an audio decoder respectively. The two decoded digital data streams are sent through USB to PC. Would someone suggest a way to synchronize the audio data to the lips movement in the (...)
Coaxial cables are used for audio, video, rf or anywhere else where assymetrical connection is needed. If you use cheap coaxial cable for your connection you may need video cable corrector to compensate frequency dependent losses and thus prevent signal degradation.