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Hi i'm designing a audio/video Transmitter and receiver. I would like to know how do they work, their block diagrams, and their circuits too. Thanks...
hello friends i am going to implement AES algorithm in vlsi this is my M.TECH (VLSI)final year project please tell me i want to interface with audio codec chip to encrypt voice signal also so please tell me is it possible? and can i implement it in FPGA xc2s30? can any one have idea please suggest me and also any new feature i can (...)
hi i want yo build 1.2GHz for linking audio and video. my receiver is analog sattelite receiver. and i have a power module from misubishi part#RA18H1213G with 18w power. any one have a circuit for drive it and modulate the audio and video to this frequency.
Hello, Take a look at the device-manager under ?audio-, video- and Gamecontroller?. If the Byteblaster isn?t listed there you have to install it like it is described in the manual from Altera. When the cable is listed there you can choose it in Quartus. Regards, cube007
There are only 2 instances of MIPs that I have ever come across. One is the MIPS platform. The other is the acronym for Millions of Instructions per Second, which is usually used to benchmark processor performance. Sometimes, real-time streams like video or audio have a MIPs requirement, ie how much processor power is required for real-time enc
Thx for the response. Didn't understand the last part fully. The receiver states "Output Level L/R 0,5 Vss on 600 Ohm" So what i need to do is to put the primary of a transformer with 600ohm on the output of the audio signal and then the secondary with 50 ohm (this is the impedance of twisted pair), and then on the receiver
you know, this USB thing JUST seems to be too complex, once you've sent the host the necessary descriptor blocks, it will provide you with a device class driver, so for many standard applications, like modems, audio devices, video capture and mass storage, you do not NEED to develop any kind of PC-side driver... I think (...)
Hi There are hundreds of books on DSP What is the type of application you are looking for : audio,video,motor control, data processing etc Choose your application fields and then search for the right book ! All the best Bobi
Dear friends, I am working on ARM9 core with Montavista Linux and I am a new comer in Linux. I have a requirement to find out the arm load (MIPS,Mega cycle) that is taken for the network layer while running a specific application. This is basically a audio video application that sends RTP packets to UDP and it is further (...)
what is the application u are using? image, audio video etc.??? /cedance
I have a SONY KV32S40. When I turn the TV on, works ok, and after a few minutes, the video shrinks vertically and goes blank. the audio still OK. I change channels in this mode, the channels change because I hear differnt channel's audio. I found from some reading that that it is a fault in the (...)
While looking at my new DVD players operation, I was facinated by the menus and lists that were generated on the TV for selection of tracks, setting audio video parameters etc. I could see various GUI widgets like scroll bars, sliders, file boxes, menus etc. I was wondering if the same could be done using a MCU so that a project can be (...)
I have the problem with the video: 1.- Sometimes I heard the audio but the screen is blue no image at all. 2.- Besides the vcr not respond to controls, when cassete is inserted the tape starts to play but the triangle of play is not displayed in the display so i press play and it appears and the tape continues moving. (...)
Hello Everyone, I am in Canada and currently I have this project to complete. I want to transmit the s video + the audio L and R. The other end should receive back the s video + the audio L and R. I know the S video has mainly the critical Y (...)
Hello Everyone, I am in Canada and currently I have this project to complete. I want to transmit the s video + the audio L and R. The other end should receive back the s video + the audio L and R. I know the S video has mainly the critical Y (...)
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with those 2.4Ghz A/V senders. They're available ready made, or you can buy the modules, which conveniently have the video/audio as inputs in the Tx, and the same on the Rx. I believe there a both 13cm and 23cm versions. I'm going to try and use a (...)
Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone can recommand a EVM for performing DFT? So far I have looked at the TI and AD's EVM packages and am trying to decide between the AD BF533 EZ-KIT Lite and the BF561 EZ-KIT Lite, since they both have audio/video input and output which makes (...)
Hi guys, I am looking to decide to get a DSP EVM kit and am looking for some advise on which one to dive in, my main application will be audio and LCD/video eg. sample audio and apply FFT to display on LCD much like a spectrum analyzer. Currently I am looking at TI's TMS320C6713 DSP (...)
How about audio application such as MP3,WMA, AAC which is better? and which is better for video processing such as MPEG4 ASP or H.264? hi, well that is a debatable issue! personally i find ti better becaus their support is better although they have somewhat complicated architecture but it can be utilized for better performance
I am trying to implent a fully digital audio and video FM base band modulator. What is the best DSP for this purpose? TX