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That sounds very much like video signal creeping into the audio stages, especially as it changes in time with the picture content. 15KHz is probably the picture scan frequency so it points to either a loose grounding point or a capacitor on the power feed to the monitor section being faulty. Brian.
FCC tests use quasi peak measurements with video filtering to resemble the bandwidth of audio spectra within the IF and video filter combined. The rationale was that EMI of carriers should not introduce audio noise in communication bands. The video filter (...)
A quick search showed me that the 2N2222 was introduced in 1962 (54 years ago) as a general purpose transistor. During my long electronics career I worked with many audio, radio and video products and it was never used in any of them. If you want a fast transistor then use a fast transistor, not a general purpose one.
Hi All, I have this DVR for several years and lately the schedule recording either garbage video or black screen. The audio is OK. After several hours on standby, first wakeup will either have garbage video or black screen. Doing a shutdown and restart after that, everything is OK. I have (...)
In 2016 the European Patent Office plans to recruit more than 200 engineers and scientists to work as patent examiners. Are you interested in joining an international team at the forefront of technology? If so, apply now for our selection events for European patent examiners in Munich and The Hague. Our engineers and scientists - drawn (...)
I'd like to remove as much as the "mechanical /metal clacking" as possible from this video's audio track, leaving only the "morse tone", which is ~780hz I have Audacity and Goldwave, any other program suggestions are welcome. I tried messing with Audacity's "noise reduction" effect, and had so
Hi All. I have a project for WiFi based video Camera device. Target is device will capture video with audio and save the file to MicroSD Card. Also features WiFi based capture file upload to server. Is there any suitable WiFi Module that comes with direct Camera interface? Or any other reference project with WiFi, (...)
Hi, I want to develop the car infotainment box, which might have simple features like audio, video, GPS & Bluetooth etc............ For this i have some doubts: 1) How can i choose the appropriate hardware, any evaluation boards are available? 2) How can i bring up that board, any process is available for it. if is available please mention it? 3
Hello, I would like to build a very simple discrete video fader (to be used as a video mixer) and video amplifier, as an accompanying circuit to my transistorized UHF video/audio modulator. I have found these two circuits. I need your help of how to combine them to build a (...)
Try starting in Safe mode. (Press F5 once a second during startup, until a list of options comes up, then choose Safe Mode.) See if your bottom task bar appears. (You may not have higher functions such as audio and video.) Also, try Microsoft Security Essentials (free to download and use). It scans your machine for malware.
Hi. Have a (patient!) trawl through a supplier's connectors, and cables, pages, and maybe check the datasheets available for current rating. Not sure which part of the catalogue the other barrel jack connector would be in, but RS have a chat option where s
Such circuits are EXTREMELY complicated and normally the decoding will be done in a dedicated ASIC IC. The TV signal has to be decoded from whatever standard it is broadcast (QAM, ATSC, OFDM etc.) then de-multiplexed into component streams and finally those streams have to be decompressed back to baseband (...)
If I plug my PC laptop switching power supply in the AC line wall socket, the switching will be picked up on my bench power supply and oscilloscope. I had the same thing happen with my equipment. Cable TV, audio/video components. These had no problem until I hooked up my laptop and plugged in the AC adapter. Then 60
Hello, I am new to computer networks, help me out in understand this. Both audio and video communication are possible through many internet protocols, how they are different from mobile phone communication. In mobile communication I could see many antennas all the way which helps to establish connection with other in a (...)
I want to make a transmitter and receiver for wireless data transmission. I want to send and receive audio, video and control signals with that. I want it to cover a range of 1 km and data rate 100 MHz to 1000 Mhz. any help plz. what hardware should I use ?
Hi,guys! I am really not to know how to solve my project problem now. So I post here for some suggestion from you.Thanks at first. My project is a video/audio player board, on the board, there are FPGA,ARM and x86. We build a transparent pass for communicate with x86 and ARM via FPGA.This is mean that FPGA supply a (...)
There are boards you can install in a computer, which capture video from a vcr, camcorder, etc. However when you state PAL/NTSC format, it raises the question whether it is modulated, as for broadcast TV. I believe audio is incorporated into the signal. Therefore you must make certain that you purchase a board which is compatible with the signal
You forgot to tell us what is the input signal? DC, audio, video or digital?
I am working on HDMI to CVBS converter using Chrontel CH7107A. I have built a small board in line reference schematics provided by chrontel.(Same as ref design ,no variation) During board bring up ,I am unable to the crystal clock and also no audio and video output The power levels
The sound quality in your video is AWFUL! It is full of echoes and is very boomy. I could not understand anything that you said. It also sounds like the audio gain is jumping up and down. You showed a picture of a transistor driving an LED with NOTHING limiting the current.