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Gain is usually the same at low levels and at high levels. But a radio amplifier sometimes has compression distortion that reduces its gain at high levels. A very distorted audio amplifier that is clipping also has reduced gain at high levels.
i have written C code for ADPCM audio compression. i want to take real time input sample from microphone and then store the input and the compressed audio sample somewhere in the DSK TMS320C6713 kit memory. I need help on how do i get the microphone audio sample input into my ADPCM compression program and (...)
Hi. I have to analyze different ways of audio-compression. The last method that i should analyze is wavelet compression. But i can't find any program or matlab (c/c++) code, which can realize this type of compression. I hope you'll advise me smth. thanx.
i am doing research on data compression. i studied ADPCM which gives optimum results. now i want to know that weather is there any other adaptive algorithm through which we can do data compression. actually i want to compare the data compression by ADPCM with data being compressed by other adaptive algorithm.i.e lms, rls, GA, PLO, DE, ACO, BCO
I believe the commercially-made audio recorders compress in real-time as they record. The result is an mp3 file. Is this what you want to do?
Hi, Iam Facing a start up problem to develop a algorithm for audio compression USING THE FFT in MATLAB.. Do let me know if any sample code on this are available for starting up.... Regards Santhosh
THere are hundreds of ways to make a TDM ADC with real-time filtering, compression, companding or linear with any bit rate.. like DVD audio 7.1 channels or like biomedical signals. Here is on complex chip for audio that shows how it is done well. But then [URL="e-
I am looking for someone who can do a hardware implementation of an audio Dynamic Range compression Unit, The language should be Verilog. for more details drop me an email at khlitoshi ~a~
1 bit ( it is called sigma-delta encoding for ADC) OTherwise DAC's use R/2R switches to convert D 2 A. The other method is logarithmic like A law using in American Telephony or ? Law for the ROTW but that is based on high dynamic range companding with 7 or 8 bits. compression on short bursts works poorly since you need a library of sounds to get
If you send the corresponding signals through the digital input and amplify the audio output, yes you can play audio.
the size of the wav file has nothing to do with the bits per sample of your audio stream. wav files have both predefined numbers of samples and bits per samples. I think you are limited to three setting 16 24 32bits per fixed sample rate. read WAV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . In your case all that dicta
hi all now i plan to use dspic from microchip to process audio input , now the problem i face is regarding compression data, any algorithm can be use as compression rate , such as 4,6,8 bit , or mp3, wmv compression for Mikroc Pro ?? please help me any advice or link to help me out ... regards and thanks in advance
I am a engineering student of 3rd year .i have to submit a project report in DSP . So i need your help ,please send me the solution of " audio compression USING THE FFT Due: May 10, 2000 EE 6360 - Digital Signal Processing ". Thank you
Please suggent some chipsets thet could perform audio compression I am trying to achieve a data rate less than 14kbps like CELP etc.Most of the audio chipsets I have come across peovides only PCM or ADM output. I am also in look out for a VAD (Voice activity detection chipset too) Please help
I represent a group of software developers from Eastern Europe and the US specializing in video and audio MPEG compression, multiplexers, encoders, transcoders, DirectShow Filters, video and speech recognition and complex video/audio processing algorithms. Our SDKs are available for download (some of them free) and widely in use in (...)
I am new to electronics, and am trying to play the same audio file through five megaphones that are 80 w at 8 ohms. Being new to electronics, I am not sure what is the best and fastest way of setting up all to play audio file, and even more importantly how to power all of them at the megaphones. I live in Korea so the power is different. Here
Some modern techniques to achieve inteligent ( eficient ) audio compression consists in deenphasize the spetrum band range less used at a time. Usually other most common methods performs compression at a pre defined range only based on human spectrum response. +++
Can you please give more information on : The type of data (audio , pictures ... The format of the data Why do you want compression?
I want a matlab source code of adaptive differential pulse code modulation for audio compression. please reply if you know it very well thank you!
I want to implement an active noise cancellation algorithm to minimize noise from machines. I have chosen the dsPIC starter kit DM330011 with audio codec with am max sampling freq of 48kHz . Since I am not handling speech, will the compression-decompression be necessary? What is the significance of these processes? Should the on-board (...)
hi there, i want to output monophonic tones generated by the fpga on my spartan 2e board through gpio. how do i go about this? is it alright to connect a piezo speaker (one wire to the pin itself and the other to ground) without damaging the board? thanks a lot!
Hi, I posted in the 'digital comms' forum a few days ago, but no results.....I guess thats because I was asking about high quality audio compression for music/voice :) the original post: Ultimately, its a for a wireless headset, so high quality stereo audio being recieved, and mono medium qualit
Hi, It's been a while since I've posted, so bare with me if this is the wrong place. Essentially, I am embarking on designing and prototyping a wireless digital headset, with high quality stereo being received, and possibly mono medium quality being transmitted from the headset. The received audio should be as good quality as possible, and i
which format of audio signals can be read in matlab. i tried with ".wav" files but an error occured as "data compression format is not supported" how can i separate the audio signals into binary planes
Hi guys! I'm making a work for the DSP course. my goal is to dividing the audio signal to stationary parts. please help me to find matlab codes to followings methods: Zero crossing method, Compute the Short-Time Energy of a signal, or any other methods to find stationary parts. Thanks in advance.
Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc.( ) has released its network video server(GAOTVS-12) which performs fast, high quality video compression by using a high-speed digital signal processor. It is an ideal solution for transmission of video and audio over networks in real time. This multi-functional network video server features an advanced
hi everyone, is there anybody who has a detailed and educational document about digital audio compression (just like mp3), if it is I also need matlab source codes for this operation. please help, I badly need it.. thank you very much
Microchip is offering some evaluation software libs for encryption and audio compression and more, they offer a version for 5$ who did use this ?. Do you get the source code ? Can you use it more than once if its a lib ?. Time restrictions ?.
hello; i m doing project ''audio compression using wavelet transform''.i want to know how to encode QUANTIZED DATA using RUN LENGTH ENCODING OR HUFFMAN ENCODING.what will be the logic if i want to write a programm in MATLAB7.0.
Need MATLAB CODE for this using wavelet toolbox.
image compression audio coding etc
If you want to broadcast quality audio, the VoIP programs (like Skype) won't be useful to you because they use compression algorithms specific for speech. You need a broadcast server for audio streaming, listeners can use Windows Media Player to connect to the Server and listen the broadcast. There a lots of programs available on internet, (...)
I want to know diff and challeges in audio compression and Simple data compression. thanks and Regards Girish
hi all, i have been given an assignment, to write matlab code for an audio file compression using DCT but using no inbuilt functions available in matlab. After taking DCT, i have to explicitly state and give reasons for how many samples have been sent for compression and how many discarded. i also have to write code for its (...)
I saw a few links in the forum & iam confused as to which one is good for audio compression. Please give the link for the book that explains the various basic concepts of audio compression. Thanks
Hi, i need a boook on audio compression ..which starts right from basics Thanks.
huh?/ i realy dont know this topic yet!! but im realy interested on it.. we have to make a proposal on our subject audio eng'g, and im thinking that this topic would be a nice start for me... pls help me thx in advance GODBLES
I am trying to know about the multichannel audio coding standards and til now i know 2 of them 1) MP3 Surround - BCC based (Frounhofer IIS) 2) AC3 Multichannel - (Dolby digital) Now i want to know general idea about these coding we are having multichanel compression with almost same datarates. If some bust can provide me any
How streamming live audio and video works? Whats the requirements? What type of servers can do that?
wma is a compressed format for audio (Windows Media audio i guess). and wmv is a compressed format for video (Windows Media Video). It is Microsoft's proprietary compression format for motion video. it is used for both streaming and downloading content via the Internet. very common format. but none of them is uncompressed.
Hi, This site answers all quires on mpeg audio, video and provides very useful links on all open source code available on net. This provided all the information on lossy and lossless data compression algos with source code for VSCELP, CELP and MELP. ~Kalyan
Hello I am Zahir. If anybody knows anything about BSAC audio algorithm please let me know. Thank you
hi everybody, can anybody name some easily understandable documents on ogg vorbis - an audio compression technique. also what is that floor & residue concepts used in ogg vorbis. how is the decoding of .ogg vorbis files done.
I want ot save an audio clip on EEPROM and play back using PIC MCU for 2 to 33 minutes. Please help if somebody has done a project like this...
Dear Sir I need Data about audio security codeck and voice codec. Best regard
Hi all, I need a AGC audio amplifier for micro phone pre amp circuit. Every know, help me, pls.
First you can find some books on video compression and audio compression. Afer obtaining main idea on vide compression, you can begin on MPEG-2 standard. If you have no backgrounding on compression, you will find it dull to read the standard
Hi Ashfaq Amjad Khan Please search edaboard for the folowing articles/books The Engineer's Guide to compression The Data compression Book Digital audio compression A Universal Algorithm for Sequential Data compression (Lempel Ziv) I think you will find some info in them Best Regards dora
audio processing? What kind of processing? Noise Reduction? Echo cancellation? audio Coding and compression? Synthesis and Recognition? :D You see my dear friend that you should be more specific so that we can help you. please indicate what do you mean by processing, this word is too general. thanks.
hi all, I need speech vocoders(G.722) for the VoIP project I am working on. It should fit into a low cost DSP from Analog Devices or TI that will receive data from a 16 bit A/D - D/A and store it in a flash using some sort of audio compression, (The audio is speech only) then each sample needs to be tagged for later retrieval, meaning (...)