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Please help to recommend some good papers which are focused on audio sigma-delta ADC. Especially the architecture is good and has been verified by you. Thanks!
Dear All : No I work in delta-sigma DAC design , I need a good opamp (single-end ) for the low pass filter design, I read some paper , It need High DC gain about 90dB , Unit-Gain Bw is large 75MHz, The Noise is about 2~3 uVrms (20~20KHz). Does anyone work in this filed, And good OP Structure can share it , Thanks
in sigma delta for audio applicaitons which input frequency should be taken for calculating SNDR. audio range 20 to 22KHz or so taking a Band Width of 25KHz which frequency to take. Thanks in advance.
Hi, all What kinds of sigma-delta ADC is the best in DC-band application??(ex: incremental or conventional sigma-delta??) What is the decimation filter difference between audio-band and DC-band?? Thanks a lot!!:D
hi all, i am designing a 3rd order sigma-delta ADC for audio applications. The specs would be something like 18bits, THD<0.1%, OSR = 256. What will be an estimate of the OTA gain and BW, and why? Regards.
plz explain the working of 2nd order low pass delta sigma modulator for audio frequency
I want to design low noise op amp for audio application. The amplified audio signal will go to an ADC which is a 16 bit sigma delta. What is the noise requirement of the op amp? Can someone inform me how to design such low noise op amp? or someone direct me to the right place for info. Thx
delta-sigma converter may be the best solution for audio DAC.
A SD modulator with 1-bit output and n-bit input could be controlled by an additional 1bit-dither input. Because the mean value of the dither sequence is 0.5 a systematic difference exist. For audio application it is not important.
Dear All : I will design above 100db DAC for audio codec , Does anyone have good document ?
Hi A 1.8V Digital-audio sigma-delta Modulator in 0.8u CMOS regards
audio:High resolution low speed->delta sigma ADC Video:High speed median resolution->Pipeline ADC
I will try to answer some: 1. sigma delta is suitable for small bandwidth and high resolution applications (typical for audio). It can be used for dc. There are techniques used to overcome the idle tone problem + higher order loops suffer less from this problem. 2. Latency is a function of the resolution needed. You can roughly (very (...)
see this paper: Mohammed Dessoky, and Andres Kaiser, “Very Low-. Voltage digital-audio sigma- delta Modulator with 88-dB. Dynamic Range Using Local Switch Bootstrapping”
then why many sigma-delta ad/da converter's datasheet don't give DNL/INL spec, especially in audio band.
in sigma delta ADC design, simulink provide four architecture: cifb,crfb ciff,crff, how to choose one of them? do anyone have literature which have detailed analysis about the architecture?
Hi S.Rabii and B.A.Wooley,"A 1.8V Digital-audio sigma-delta Modulator in 0.8u CMOS," IEEE J.Solid-State Circuit, Vol.32,No.6,pp.783-796,June 1997 regards
sigma delta modulator has been applied to audio signal processing, vedio signal processing and DC measurement. Many papers about SDMs applied to audio signal processing have been presentd. But I found few papers about DC measurement. Can anyone help me?
Could anybody help to upload this SDM master thesis ? Jiyi Gu, Design of a Digital audio sigma delta Modulator in 0.18um CMOS University of Windsor, 2002 Thx
Jitter will not contribute significant noise floor in such low SNR case. In real chip (for audio application), jitter (tjc_c < 200ps) will degrade noise floor less than 6dB.