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Well, For power management systems u need a high resolution ADC(16 bits). I didnt get why the resolution is so low!!!!!!. Further, in power management the frequency is low(audio frequency). I would suggest a sigma delta ADC. Sumit
Did anyone ever design a class D audio amplifier either with PWM modulation or delta sigma modulation? What kind of design goals have to meet? Any guidelines?
Hi, For a 16-bit audio performance switched-cap sigma delta ADC, do I have to off-chip decuple the positive and negative voltage references? Is it ok that I just on-chip buffer these references instead to save two pins (and if no other options)? Thanx To achieve 16bit, the noise floor should be at least below -126d
Hi, guys, i am designing a sigma-delta ADC for digital audio application. The signal bandwidth is 25KHz, and the design SNR is to achieve 90dB. I chose the MASH2-1 architecture, and the OSR is 128, Fs=6.4MHz, so in the theory the dynamic range will be 127dB, and after parameter scaling, the mash modualtor in the MATLAB had the SNR equal to (...)
Hello Could someone explain us the differences beetween audio Converter's and Analog to Digital Converters. I always thougth that sigma-delta is for DC or low frequency (<2-3Hz) mesurements, but audio converters are sigma delta too. That are the drawbacks of audio (...)
160 MHz to 1.25 MHz is a factor of 128 (7 bits). Why do you have only 4 bits? audio outputs commonly use delta-sigma DAC techniques (not simple PWM) to get high amplitude resolution from a modest clock rate. Here's an introduction:
Hi all, For this kind of ADC, you need 3 references: positive, negative, and analog ground. Does anyone know for a 16bit dynamic range performance, do you need off-chip decoupling of the above references, or on-chip bufferring/decoupling is enough? Thanks in advance! CC
I will rather say 16 bit SAR ADC is doable provided the MSPS is not very high ! Go for Time Interleaved SAR ADCs !! 2 SAR ADCs 8 bit each working in time-interleaved fashion will do ur job !! Added after 1 minutes: If its audio, its very possible !!
Hello: I have a audio sigma-delta ADC, when input =1Vpp, dynamic range > 80dB, when input < 1mV, noise floor < -80dBV Bt wen input~10mVpp, we have 2nd, 3rd, 4ht ...harmonics about -60dBV Does anyone meet similar situation before? Thanks in advance
I meet a confuse question. When I design the filter, how to decide phase margin. For example, if the passband is 24k (that main are used in audio), becasue of the no-ideal tansform function, the phase will shift from 0 after the low pass filter. So what is the spec for this design, is it 20 or 40 degree shift. Which number is reasonable for aud
hi which dac architecture is suitable for audio applications like mp3 players / cd players etc. thanks
I am a newbie on rf pa design, only read some books&papers without any actual experience, Here are my questions 1. Some pa use this structure: rf input -> bandpass sigma-delta modulator -> Class S amplifier(PWM) -> bandpass filter As above, if input is audio frequency, this method is called Class-D PA, right? In rf, some amplifiers (...)
If Class-D audio amplifier is your target, try looking at AD1991 from Analog Devides, LM4651/52 from National semiconductors. If you want something out of this world, visit the website of D2audio. bimbla.
There is always difference between theoretical & pratical limit in analog IC design. Could someone give me some figure or estimation about the degradation of sigma delta ADC/DAC from the ideal (theoretical) SNR calculation using different architecture as shown below? I found the SNR estimation in text book as: [Modulator (MOD) , Oversampling Rat
SMV coder for 3GPP2. Select mode vocoder. Developed by Conexcent and other companies. Mpeg4 audio, which includes a 2 kbps low bit rate speech coding developed by Sony. It uses hormonic coders for voiced speech and CELP for unvoiced speech.
Althought this Free-IP can be your reference , it can not be commercial audio DAC . In commericial sigma delta DAC , it is not only have SDM been integrated inside but also Oversampling Filter . Normally , one order SDM is not enought for noise shapping
I want to design a sigma delta ADC for weigh scale measurement. It requires high accuracy but low frequency, I don't know the difference between audio ADC, can anybody tell me. Thanks a lot.
Hi, What things should be considered when design audio codec with sigma delta ADC ? What is the requirement of the opamp for example ? thanks vita
Hi, I've posted here before and people were very helpful, and knowlegable :D . First of all, I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but it is to do with digital interface. Basically, I've created a wireless digital audio system, using PLD's, I haven't started the wireless part yet, just wanted to see if I could effectively conve