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I presume you understand that most of the filtering of this delta-sigma DAC is done in the digital domain by an oversdampling digital filter. According to datasheet, I would assume that the output filter is not required because the DAC already includes an analog output filter to remove sampling residuals. There's no specification or further d
i have similar problem .. i am using pic32mz micro controller and uda1334 DAC. (both supports i2s) i have shifted my data with 0x7fff. but output shows no change.. currently i am feeding a saw tooth wave to device.. i can see digital pins are toggling on CRO. but no output
Hi All I am having a problem with a DAC and I need a little help. I am attempting to stream audio from an iPhone via Bluetooth. I have an FPGA connected to the Bluetooth chip via an I2S interface, so as the audio comes in I am passing it along to the delta sigma DAC and from there of course out to an (...)
1. The discrete Fs numbers are industry standard audio sampling rates. The converter can work at different rates, the essential point is the master clock to fs ratio. 2. The internal fs divider is switched according to the actual BCLK rate. 3. A sigma-delta converter is continuously sampling the input signal and generating the output (...)
Hi everyone, I'm going to realize an audio player with a PIC32, using PWM as a DAC for audio output. I have not write any code yet, because I want to understand deeply the theory behind it. I stored a .WAV file, 44.1 Khz sample rate, 16 bit, in a SD card, in a previous part of code. Now i want to reproduce this audio trought PWM. Because (...)
Hi, I'm working on a project about audio sigma . There are some spurious components in audio band(20Hz~20KHz) when the ADC is stimulated with no signal or small amplitude signal such as 10mVpeak-to-peak 1kHz audio signal while no other analog or digital modules can generates that low frequency (such as 2.3kHz, 10kHz) (...)
In my device I need pretty fast DACs - ideally 16 bit, with less than 3.5 us settling time, SPI interface. There are plenty of them, but all of them are quite expensive (for mass production; and I need 8 of them on a single board). Then I noticed that there are a lot of "audio" DACs with standard resolution of 24bit or better, and sampling rate o
Dear all, I am trying to design a single-bit first order delta-sigma ADC. The architecture that I am using is the very simple single ended ΔΣ modulator. The modulator is supposed to work for audio band signals (20-20KHz). The clock signal that is used is a 2.56MHz pulse. Therefore OSR is 64. Switches that i
Some of this depends on the "ASIC" target foundry flow. A mostly-digital sigma-delta converter is popular (esp. in audio ranges and lower) because almost any cheapo digital flow can support it. Whereas others are needful of high quality matching and linearity in resistors or capacitors, which may not be available or well enough controlled (...)
Hello everyone......... I am working on sigma delta Modulator For audio Range of 0 to 20KHz..... I designed the two stage class A/AB amplifier, internal positive feedback hysteresis comparator and 1 bit DAC.... My supply voltages are 0 to 1.8V in 180nm of technology in CADENCE.... But for both amplifier and comparator my PSD vs
Hi, Many audio codec uses sigma-delta technology. I do not understand why there are so many bits, which are far more than the SNR spec. For example, ADI has ADAU1761 which is 24-bit, 98 dB SNR. I don't think 98 dB SNR needs 24 bit. Could you tell me that? Thanks.
I just want to design a audio dac, architecture: sigma delta DAC + class D driver I don't know the equivalent model of the headphone if no LC filter is used on pcb,is class D still work? i mean if we can hear the voice normally?:-o
1 bit ( it is called sigma-delta encoding for ADC) OTherwise DAC's use R/2R switches to convert D 2 A. The other method is logarithmic like A law using in American Telephony or ? Law for the ROTW but that is based on high dynamic range companding with 7 or 8 bits. Compression on short bursts works poorly since you need a library of sounds to get
Are you referring to the digital interpolation filter before the modulator (usually 1-Bit for audio applications) or the analog reconstruction filter at the output?
Dear Scorpeio Inaddition to MP3 Decoder, You have forgot the audio DAC too. You should have an sterio audio DAC like AD1852 | Stereo, 24-Bit, 192KHz, Multibit sigma delta DAC | audio D/A Converters | audio/Video Products | Analog Devices to convert a
i am trying to design a decimator for sigma delta converter for audio. my decimation factor is 128. from material i found i decided on a CIC filter for first stage (decimation of 64) and a half band FIR as second. so the CIC filter has 3 parameters - decimation factor , no of delay elements and the number of sections. i know the (...)
Hi, In ADC selection, there are two major considerations. First is the frequency and bandwidth of you input signal and second is the output resolution in bits. For example, audio sampling requires low frequency (20Hz ~ 22KHz) and high resolution (usually 16bit or more) and then you can use a lowpass sigma-delta ADC, for instance. On the (...)
Hi I'm designing a 3rd order digital modulator, using 1.5 bit quantization for a 3 level output audio Class D amplifier. The SD modulator uses a CIFF structure using coefficients calculated by Schreier's Matlab Toolbox. Simulated with a 1kHz sinusoid, 13 bit resolution. Simulation results seem OK, integrator's never overflow. The problem i
I design a SC sigma-delta ADC for audio application as showed in the attached Figure. The ADC is designed to work under supply voltage range of 1.6V to 3.3V and clock freq. of 2.56MHz. I have fabricated 2 chip for testing. - Chip01 with the VDD/GND are shared for analog and digital sub-locks. It works well with VDD = 1.6 ~ 2.2 V and Fclk (...)
Hello all, I am using wm9713 audio codec in my project. audio is transferred to Bluetooth module(BTM) using PCM link. The PCM link operates at a freq of 8KHz sampling rate. PCM data to BTM is directly transferred from a sigma delta ADC. At ADC sampling freq of 8KHz, I hear a noise like "rrrrrrrrrr" in the background (...)