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Hi, We are using the LM5019 for a Buck converter Vin = 60V Vout = 12V Iout = 7mA We notice a spike on the LM5019 drain voltage of 20V in in the attached. This surprises us, as the hi side fet is a N-channel mosfet. (so it should have a diode with cathode connected to vin.) Can you see any reason why we cannot place a sup
Hi this is a 80m SSB transceiver based on the phasing method I consider the phasing audio section. In the transmit mode, 180 degrees AF phase signals are provided by the BJT terminals, then somehow shifted by these RC to prod
The circuit isn't particularly optimized for bipolar low-noise audio amps like NE5534, e.g. regarding resistor dimensioning. Thus a standard low noise Jfet OP like good old TL071-TL074 would be my first choice,
Hello, in the expression shown bellow it is assumed to be for Vout=0 so if we put Vout=0 then we have GND on out so there is no Iout Hown did they get the expression shown bellow ( A)? Thanks. 157279 157280
Hiii.... i have plotted Gm vs Vgs graph,as shown below please help me to analyse that graph, why it rises suddenly, why it start to decrease, which parameter is responsible for this kind of behaviour ? please help to know what are the short channel effects affects the transconductance ? i know gm is affected by velocity saturation and some mo
I wish to understand more on power parameter needed to design the power supply of audio amplifier. Which power parameter should we use when designing the SMPS? Is it peak power or rated power? Lets take an example as below: SMPS topology: Flyback quasi-resonant type Assume Class-D audio amplifier requirement as below: Peak power : 250
Considering the Sony product range, I guess it's related to digital video or audio processing. Unless someone knows that they have been also involved with industrial electronics or other fields. Technically it's a heap of 74LS TTL logic and a few other ICs (may be small RAM or ROM devices). A 70s minicomputer board, e.g. from a DEC computer, or
Hi We have pulses which we need to delay by some approx. 280ns, and indeed we need to make the pulses shorter, again by some approx. 280ns The attached (ltspice sim and pdf) show two circuits which could possibly achieve this. Do you agree that the top circuit, which uses a logic buffer IC, is not workable in reality due to the high output impe
Car Cooling System PSU Design Related I am doing a Car Cooling system using Peltier (4x) and PIC18F46K22. 2x LM35 are used to sense room temperature and Peltier temperatures. The coding part is almost complete and working fine in Simulation. For Peltiers connected in Parallel they need a max 15V@15A supply. I have a need for 12V 3A s
The NCP4306 offers synchronous rectifier control for a flyback in CCM/DCM/BCM. Do you believe that this IC looks a little dubious? I would say that this dubiousness is also found in many other manufacturers? similar offerings All these type of Flyback sync rect controller ICs make me prefer just putting multiple diodes in parallel ,
Hi, I used a controller dsPIC33FJ16GS504 for on gird solar-microinverter, in my hardware part when I applied input (24-dc battery not a solar panel), also connect lamp of 300 W as a load, and applied a grid to the output side as per given in document (for detail microchip document AN1444). I also read a procedure to start hardware. As per proce
Hello We are doing Boost converter PFC?d LED driver in Constant off time using LT8312 controller. (0-300W, 240VAC) LTspice sim and pdf schem attached. We are adjusting the power throughput by adjusting a control voltage into the Vc pin. (This is possible because it?s a transconductance error amplifier) Do you know what is the control vol
I'm implementing a PCM2706 in an audio amplifier that I'm designing. I've read through the datasheet and I think I've figured most of it out, but it's the part regarding 'device descriptors' that I'm a little stuck with. The datasheet says the following: 9.3.6 Descriptor Data Modification The descriptor data can be modified through the I
Hi, The attached is a Flyback with vin = 400V (post PFC bus) and vout = 4.5v and iout = 13A. Its power factor corrected because its for lighting. The loads are multiple single LED linear current regulators. The synchronous fet is needed due to the high current. There is secondary side overcurrent sensing with latch off. A microcontroller is t
Sure. But how you'd do it, will depend on details of what you want from this. You could cut power (a load switch IC or two) and this would save a fair bit of current from the quiet VCO supply. But there are issues with the turnon and turnoff behaviors, are there chirps and pops on audio or radio (whatever the application might be)? How long doe
How to build up nonlinear model of a fet in Foundry pdk? I use ADS. I meant to research some fet nonlinear parameters variation with Foundry process and design , such as Cgs and Cgd. I have pdk of the Foundry, and I can find the fet nonlinear large signal model. Would you plz tell me how to build up my own nonlinear model of a (...)
I am designing linear power amplifier for cell phone, all of our PAs (L/M/HB) need 2nd harmonic termination to get good linearity and PAE. Removing the 2nd harmonic termination degrades performance a lot no matter how we tune it. However I know that removing the harmonic termination while maintaining the performance is possible. Does anyone here kn
Hi, or use an integrated circuit, like an audio class D amplifier with 50Hz sinewave input. Klaus
On page 125 of Power supply cookbook by Marty Brown (2nd Ed), Brown designs a pulse transformer gate drive for an offline half bridge converter. Brown states that the gate drive transformer would have the same voltage stresses as the main half bridge transformer?surely this is not correct? (the drive transformer is driving primary hi side fet fr
The magnetic stray field of audio transformers isn't expected to cause problems in your circuit, unless it involves very high gain (e.g. G>100). If magnetic coupling occurs, it will be to trace loops, not ICs or other lumped components. A ground plane may be suggested or even necessary for your circuit, but the problem isn't particularly related