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I want to make a transmitter and receiver for wireless data transmission. I want to send and receive audio, video and control signals with that. I want it to cover a range of 1 km and data rate 100 MHz to 1000 Mhz. any help plz. what hardware should I use ?
You can transmit analog A/V in 5.8GHz ISM band (5725MHz-5875MHz) following the ISM regulations.
the basic way is to take the analog video output of the camera and FM modulate a carrier in the 2.45 Ghz range. You can use a separate channel for audio, or some fancy multiplexing scheme to modulate the audio with the video. You then analog demodulate at the receiver. If you want to do it is both easier (...)
Hello, What does SIF mean in audio amplifier?
Without further specifics of your design, I would recommend the following. video/audio Only: This transmitter when paired with our 5.8Ghz receiver can reach 2 km range with standard 2dBi dipole antennas. A fantastic combo! Will not interfere with 2.GHz R/C systems and is legal to use all over the world (amateur frequency band). To use thi
Lately I had problem how to receive and control TV signal at my satellite receiver on phone or computer (MAC PC) at any place on earth where Internet is available. I’ ve bought SLINGBOX SOLO that allow to : live video and audio streaming via
The secondary of the transformer T1 together with the parallel capacitor resonates on the subcarrier audio channel (depending by the standard, on 4.5, 5.5 or 6.5 MHz). If use the circuit only for video transmission (no audio), you can remove T1, Q3 and adjacent components.
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1-How i can transmit and receive video with the voice .... i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate? 2-how i can receive this signal on the computer i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate and the copmuter program if it found?
I wish to make audio video preamp with agc. When receiving different channels on sat receiver the audio video signal level is different 4 many channels. To overcome i am thinking of making one preamp with agc 4 audio & video. to hv same level of audio & (...)
Hi, I'm using a 74HC4046A PLL/VCO to demodulate mono audio from an FM carrier. The carrier comes from a signal on CAT5e twisted-pair cable. (it rides on the common-mode on one pair which carries video on the differential mode) The carrier frequency is about 250kHz and the amplitude seen by the receiver is about 250mVp-p. Currently I'm (...)
Do you want to build a simple TV transmitter and TV receiver or you have in mind a audio/video link. For chip you are asking about the datasheet exists.
Hi i'm designing a audio/video Transmitter and receiver. I would like to know how do they work, their block diagrams, and their circuits too. Thanks...
hi i want yo build 1.2GHz for linking audio and video. my receiver is analog sattelite receiver. and i have a power module from misubishi part#RA18H1213G with 18w power. any one have a circuit for drive it and modulate the audio and video to this frequency.
I came across the following site ( ) using TV tuner as communication receivers. The tuner mentioned is difficult to source now. With the availability of cheap TV cards for the PCs (with built in tv tuner outputting video and audio directly), can the following be done (the tuner will be remov
Any one have any circuit or idea on how to make a tv receiver . I want to apply power & RF signal to the circuit and get BASEBAND video output plus the audio. REGARDS ASSUMING you have the antenna part, which you did not mention. You have not mentioned the standards. What standard?