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KYL communication equipment co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of RF modules, data and audio modem, I/O modules, Analogue and digital audio etc with good stability and reliability . If you are looking for high quality rf modules ,pls contact us freely ! APPLICATION: * AMR automatic meter reading * Wireless alarm and security (...)
Hi. Im new learner for MikroC. I doing automated meter reading using rf. Transmitter is connected to the electric meter and it counts the pulses from it and displays it over the LCD display. It also transmits the data over wireless using RF. and i added few thing like RTC for clock and external EEprom for storing meter (...)
3G GSM modem, GPRS modem, GPS module, WiFi and Blutetooth module for M2M vehicle tracking telemetry automatic meter reading and security GSM / GPS / GPRS modem and module for vehicle tracking Telit
im working on automatic meter reading using power line communication plz help me to find how to couple the modulated signal to power line with circuit diagram and any possible material on AMR application. thanks in anticipation
I am new for this forum. I need some help to do my final final year project. I am doing an automatic meter reading system for Electricity meters by GSM network by sending SMS. The important functionalities are; - sending sms through GSM network - Have to maintain common timing for all the people So that i thought to (...)
Applications * Wireless game controllers * Wireless keyboard/mouse * automatic meter reading * Wireless radio * Alarm and security systems * Home and building automation
U can do a automatic meter reading project...
I have almost 5-years of professional work experience of research, analysis, design and development with expertise in - Embedded system hardware and firmware design, development and integrated testing spanning different platforms including MSP, PIC, 8051, CC2500, CC2511, PIC, Microchip TCP/IP stack, GPRS, Zigbee, automatic meter reading (...)
how can i interface the Atmel AT89C51 to the GPRS module........i am making an automatic meter reading and billing system in which i can understand how to interface microcontroller with GPRS module for billing through web or mobile....... Please help me finding out the solution:cry:
i need help to modify this project , so that it continually get reading and display on lcd and if the dist. is below some meter/inches say 8 inches it will on the buzzer and vice-versa . need not store previous record facility . device should automatic . AS alert dist will be fix by prog(ASM). thankx i am working on it , if any (...)
Hello all, Is there any comparitive meterial between GSM/GPRS, CDMA, Bluetooth, and Zigbee for automatic meter reading system. Regards
SRWF-508, the low-power wireless transceiver data module is used as the wireless data transceiver in short-ranges, with the small size, weight and power consumption and good stability and reliability. Narrowband low power UHF wireless data transmitters and receivers with channel spacings as low as 25 kHz: * AMR automatic meter reading * (...)