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Hi, If you connect primary and secondary, then you might see it is additionaly tap, or you may see it as an autotransformer. Where you may draw more output current than in isolated connection. Klaus
It's almost certainly a variac (variable transformer or autotransformer). It accepts house voltage. By turning the dial you get a range from zero to 260. A valuable item for your workbench. The label has 'Inom' of 1A. That must be its current rating. Do not draw more than that amount, or else you'll start to burn the windings.
Also consider an autotransformer. Primary and secondary windings are shared. Less bulk and less expense. I purchased mine mail order. Can be used as step-up or step-down. A common ratio is 2:1 (or 1:2). You may find one with multiple taps, for greater versatility.
Can you specify the actual GDT lamp? Gas Discharge Tube lamps don't have a low impedance at low voltage unless it includes an autotransformer to trigger the tube at 1kV. These nonlinear negative resistance characteristics are essential characterizing the VI vs t power responses with specular resonant effects. HC logic has a driver impedance fr
I don't see an easy way to implement the function. Rather unlikely as a series connected element as shown in the schematic, presumning that a variable resistor is a realistic option. A tapped autotransformer with automatic voltage switching would be a starightforward solution.
using an autotransformer?
How about an 300/240 V autotransformer?
There is no 'accuarcy' they are both using taps on an autotransformer to step up the voltage by different amounts. The output can only be whatever comes from the transformer so it depends on how many taps you use. The circuits are essentially the same, one using mechanical switching, the other electronic switching. Both will work, the mechanical o
autotransformer can do the job.
Dear Friends, can anyone guide me how can we calculate stepup autotransformer va from a control or isolating transformer va. here is a example to calculate step down autotransformer va from a control or isolating transformer va. Power of a normal transformer P=(Fq / B)? where Fq = core area in cm? B = magnetic induction T or wb/m? P auto transf
Dear Rfredel Sir, I am from India and i am new in transformer calculation as on 27.04.2013 i join myself to i have read a lot of books also see many articles over the internet during this time rewind many transformer but at last while read your article which was for step down autotransformer i am satisfied. i always honor to German
You have to store about 5.4J. Depending on the tolerance of the capacitor, it may be more (say 8J). You want to transfer the energy in 0.8s, so that means the charging power should be in the range of 6.7 to 10W. I would go for some boost converter topology (maybe with an autotransformer to get reasonable duty cycle) that controls on inpu
An oscillator with an autotransformer to step up to a few kV with 2000:1 ratio or more. THen drives a chain of voltage doublers (diode caps) then a ladder of RC filters. Video THis example shows such a device . As the voltage builds up every few seconds , it zapps. Must really drain the single AAA cell. Here they use 1Mohm rated for only
best personal alarm i have seen used a 1"d piezo sensor with ball bearings to amplify motion for security alarm and small autotransformer to boost 9v to >>100v with resonant alarm sound on same sensor
Hi Everyone, I would like to ask on how to construct a Wye-Wye with Delta Tertiary Winding autotransformer Using single-phase transformers.. If you can provide a single-line diagram for it will be very helpful.. I am currently using MatLab software and however there is no autotransformer block to comply with the requirements. Thanks a lot..
Tapped inductor circuit is really an autotransformer and as such has the proprieties of impedance transformation. This circuit can be used to increase the effective source or load impedance in order to improve the loaded Q of a circuit. In other words, the Q of a LC circuit will decrease when we connect a transistor to it, this is because the tr
Any body can explan here autotransformer (multi tape) taping design .
Instead of using autotransformer and then another transformer for isolating, get another transformer for 230:12 volts with isolated secondary and primary (non auto trafo). Will reduce used space and less wires junk.
What about an
autotransformers are useful e.g. for 115/230 V conversion. In most application where they can be used, you'll find them already. They can't be used if isolation is required, in other words for any SELV (safety extra low voltage) applications.

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