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Im trying to do a simulation for Single Phase Controlled by using pspice. But i have some problem on Vpulse, my simulation not same with the theory. Here is my circuit 128513 Vm = 339.4 V average Voltage Output = 203 Freq = 50Hz Firing angle is = 30 degree What to set for Vpulse?
LPF out is average of "mod" voltage, not peak. Review the waveform and you'll understand why the output can't be 1 V.
If you have just single supply, you can follow the method suggested by dnanar. There is more straightforward method, is by putting a power probe (or plot W trace) in pspice. The power plotted is the instantanious power. You would need to take average of this to get averaged power. Also measure this for time range when the circuit is in (...)
Have you learned and understood average modeling theory? If not then read first, if you have done, just read more and further along the path.
For your meaning of "constant power discharging", the average charging current will be equal to the average discharging current. This is the formula.
hi everyone... can u teach me how exactly can we find the average output voltage of power amplifier using spice? thanx
I would like to ask how to design boost converter with feedback controller, using pspice software? any ideas? how to adjust duty ratio for the average model circuit? which OpAmp is more suitable to use in the software pspice? thanks
Hi, I would just like to ask, how to make pspice calculate the average power disipation on a Mosfet? Basically you have to calculate the integral of W() divided by time. I tired It's an "Error: Invalid expression.". But I'm not sure that the AVG is the right function for the job anyway, si
For average model, there are some lib and example from "Fundamental of Power Electronics" by Maksimovic For state space model, you can take L and C as states derive the state sapce in simulink, that works as well.
for example, i want to compute the average fo i(l1) in pspice, i use eva goal function. i can find avg() function in "analog operators and fuctions" list. but i write avg(i(l1)) in the trace expression. system tells me "invalid expression(s)". i donot know what is my mistake. would you tell me how to compute the average in ORCAD (...)
Hi I used INTUSOFT_ICAP4. You could build some average spice model for loop analysis. see YNHE