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Hope to avoid setup violation they have defined falling edge of clk
Hey u can see that there is negative slack. So there is setup violation. U need to avoid that. try again by giving different values till u get a 0 or positive slack.
-- avoid clock skew as much as possible........
Hi all can any body tell, does Positive Slack helps to avoid setup violations. If yes how.
Please check the problem , it seems that there is something missing. In general , the condition you have to satisfy to avoid setup time violation is : Tcq +Tpd +Tsetup < Tclk + Tskew where Tcq is the Clock-to-Output delay of the first FF, Tpd is the propagation delay, Tsetup is the (...)
Hi All, once the chip was manifactured we can avoid setup violation only decrecing the frequency. regards, ramesh.s