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In this case I'd use one of the following: 1. Microchip PIC 2. Atmel avr 3. Si-Labs 8051.
STC8051+avr+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix LED, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, PS2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. (...)
Hello. I program Microchip and Freescale MCUs only, I tried to start with avr but where I live programmers and good MCUs are expensive. I made a C function to drive exactly the same IC, I used it to control a 16x2 LCD when I ran out of pins. Make sure it can supply every LED row current. By the way, you must add resistors to rows OR (...)
I do not know the avr, but ... try this: - write to the HC164 the value 0b10000000 (0x80, one 'one' and 7 'zero', using 8 clock pulses) and write 0b01111111 (0x7F) to the P0 port. But it depends on the matrix connections (polarity).
Both tutorials use C language, but they give the idea behind keypad and lcd interfacing.
He is asking for a Mikroc code for PIC16, and you are giving him a link about avr? :roll:
HI, Any one have 4x3 and 4x4 matrix keypad scanning code collection for 8051 using keil. Following code is written for avr can any one convert it for 8051. and can any one explain what is going on in the code, am newbie. Kindly do the needful. In my board. //Rows sbit Row_A P0^0; sbit Row_B P0^1; sbit Row_C (...)
In Maxim website DS2408 costs $2.75 @1k so basically $5 for two pieces and seems expensive. For that money I can buy four ATMEGA8 use one avr in each side and keep the other two for the next project!
Hello everyone.... I have bought a 4x4 matrix keypad and wish to implement it in my project involving avr ATmega128. I have successfully tested it and am able to detect SINGLE key-presses. Next I wanted to implement mobile-phone type keypad using my 4x4 keypad where suppose i press a key one then "1" is displayed but (...)
Hi! Thank you for your help me. I would like writing new program, but is it very difficult. I can not choice avr or Pic. I learned a little bit "C", but lot of program Basiccom, or assembly. If you send me source codes and they help me. Thanks. I am waiting your link. ---------- Post added at 08:54 ---------- Previous
Hi Anilment! I have been assigned a task by the supervisor for the interface of any thermal printer with avr microcontroller. I am very good in microcontroller programming but I dont know that from where to start reading related literature. As far as your problem is concerned i.e. you want to shift to new line after 24 characters, you can send th
hi all i want to use parallel dot matrix priter with avr or 8051 mcu. i dont need code. i just need the protocol or commands to interface printer to MCU. somebody told that when ascii data is given to printer data lines, and strob is applied, thad character is printed. is this right? or any body has done like that? (...)
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling Dot matrix LED Display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi, I wanted to print text using the epson lx300 dot matrix printer by sending command through avr microcontroller. Command will be sent through Embedded C language. Parallel port interface is used to connect between microcontroller and printer. Anyone help me pls?
8x4 keypad will require atleast 12 i/o lines of the controller. Considering the fact that atmega series have 8 bit micro controllers and correspondingly the i/o ports are 8 bit wide. Hence the program will be some what lengthy but not complicated. Refer to the mazidi book of avr micro controllers. It has got an example of interfacing 4x4 (...)
Suppose you have a series of LEDs. Ouput logic high on one of the LEDs and logic low on the remaining LEDs and continue the same using the delay() function in avr. You can use digitalwrite() function to output either logic low or high in avr.
for details, here im attached a proteus file that i'm get from from that site im learning (so much thanks for him) . but im modification for 8052 because i dont have avr ic. i have already test the program and i'm also have implementation on the protboard and it's works. but i really dont know how to design applic
Hello everybody... I will make a final project for my class, this thesis about how to display text in a dot matrix. I have made the circuit and being troubled with how to program this ATmega16 order to display the contents of SMS. I hope my friends in this forum can help me to solve the problem I faced. If anyone can attach listing or may b
please reffer following site: as you can see this board based on 25X25 LED matrix. and avr as processor gray level shades are also implemented in his programming. MY QUESTION IS: generally i saw led matrix of 8 rows and several coloum