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Hello everyone I am newbie in motors and I want to build a BLDC driver with avr micro-controller (avr is the only micro-controller I have worked with). Is there any full design including schematic, source code (I prefer C) and PCB i would be able to download and start? I have some (...)
hello to all ... I simulate a graphic lcd 64*128 in proteus and program the micro with codevision avr and atmega64 but just show some point! did you know whats the wrong? tnx from your good site the schematic and code is here 117920 #include #include #include void (...)
Actually the link should have been one level up ... It is for both avr and PIC controlled through a switch.
hello everyone Today, this is my first time post here, rather than replies. I am very happy to come to this forum to learn more knowledge of electronics.I share a project I've ever done, an avr/51 ISP programmer, Maybe it is simple, I think there must be someone who need it. PCB and schematic is easy to (...)
I have successfully communicate nau7802 serial ADC with atmega32. My problem is the ADC result is showing erratic. It is flickering. As per the data sheet of nau7802 i have initiated cycle start and then polling ADC data when cycle ready bit is high.but the reading is flickering.
In my design of 12VDC to 220VAC inverter, This is the schematic part for charging (12v/100Ah) battery. I use avr ATmega 8 micro controller There are three steps for charging (three primary coils) controlled by three relays (R1,R2,R3) and I have two feed back signals , battery voltage and secondary coil (13VAC) which read (...)
I do not know the avr, but ... try this: - write to the HC164 the value 0b10000000 (0x80, one 'one' and 7 'zero', using 8 clock pulses) and write 0b01111111 (0x7F) to the P0 port. But it depends on the matrix connections (polarity).
i have written the following codes for simple experimental purpose.regrettably the program works fine in the Proteus simulation. but when i tried with did not work.i don't understand why??? :?: the codes and schematic are attached.i would really appreciate a little help...
I use avr studio for my compilation and c/c++ code (NOT far I have used a Atmega 2560 development board provided by Nex robotix. I have ISP programmers of the following sorts... avrISP mkII USB Programmer
Guys, Does anyone know the init code for W5100 with avr ? Thanks
Hello guys, Does anyone know a schematic for avr, and sdcard with VS1053 ? Any clues or information will be appreciated, thanks
i am planning to make stk 500 clone (avr programmer) where can i find the firm ware and schematic diagram
Good day! I saw this code in the internet for Single Phase AC Motor Speed Control using TRIAC. The existing project used avr microcontroller. I would like to ask help from anyone here who's familiar/knowledgeable in both PIC and avr in transferring and translating it to PIC18 (both are written in C). The (...)
Lux=10000/((ldr1*10)^(4/3)); Note that in an equation like this the calculation will be done using integers, this means that 4/3 will be truncated and will give a result of 1. For floats you have to use 4.0/3 or typacast (float)4/3. The symbol ^ will also not work as intended, this is the XOR symbol in C not power, for power check
Hi, I have a problem as follow: In my circuit I have a enc28j60 module on SPI . I setup a Serial interface to PC to show somethings on terminal. All is ok when I turn on this device when my avr MKII connected to it(SPI), but when I disconnect MKII and reset it I see leds of enc28j60 blinking abnormaly and it is not working. I try to (...)
What is the ceramic resonator frequency? Did you previously use the same hardware with the same resonator? - - - Updated - - - I hope you have connected a MAX232 between the PC and avr
schematic WITH PINOUT IS GOOD POINT but you also need badly the protocol of the camera ... without that, it's useless... better buy an ov7670, it's cheap, it's known protocol, and it's almost ready to connect to a 8bits(?)
i need schematic usb universal avr programmer with zif socket programming and isp please help regard
can anyone provide all the necessary information included schematic diagram, hitech c language and which pic/avr chip is using to built an ir receiver to decode rc5? 2 voltage outputs from 2 different gpio of pic/avr is the final outcome. i need them urgently. thanks alot
Hi, I am trying to program avr Atmega324p to receive a data from PC and I have used the code wizard to generate the USART interrupt. My project is to turn on a LED after if the received data is 1 otherwise it will be turned off. After codevision generated the receiver interrupt function, i have written my code inside the interrupt and (...)