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I have some DIP or even TQFP ICs that are orignally packed by manufacturrer, like avrs and PICs, and they do not have desiccant inside. Why is that so? So, do I have to open those IC bags and put the desiccant inside?
ok, what is the use of avr are microchip and avr are used in professional product in which?
Hello, How far I?C protocol is used? and i have seen DS1307 some EEPROM chip does all micro controller avr,PIC,arm has same syntax for it? and does I?C used anywhere more than embedded?
Hello Every one. I am an embedded engineer, and working in a company. My total work experience is 5 years. I write software for consumer electronic products, i am having knowledge of 8051, pic, avr and arm. I am confused regarding what to learn. I haven't used arm for project, just as a hobbyist. And now most of the companies are (...)
It doesn't matter what properties it have. Just common memory space are used. arm is much more complicated than avr or PIC. Even using ASM you cann't predict how much cycles this function will takes in a reality.
Directly arm Cortex for new people is no problems as well. Try to see STM32 arm Cortex M0, its replacing 8-16 bit MCUs like PIC and avr in industrial applications. You can even put in freeRTOS and make a robust industrial system.
I am using NRF51822 - which has an arm cortex m0 . I want to program and atmel avr atmega328p to work as an arduino(is this possible?). after doing this I want to send commands from my android app to my arduino to control bluetooth signal strength. is this possible? what is the best approach for doing all these works.? thanks.
Hello. I have posted on the arduino forum about this subject since I am using arduino but so far I have no replies and I have not solved it my self jet, I bought a couple of encoders from sparkfun: They have RGB diodes and a switch besides the encoder and I am planing to use the encoder for my lab power
What type of microcontroller are you seeking? Manufacture? Architecture, 8051, PIC, avr, arm, etc? Datasheets of the specific microcontroller typically list the available packages for that specific model.
Hello, I am newbie to arm i used to code in avr and PIC. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to avr, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming arm board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like GPIO,ADC,DAC,USART etc (...)
Hello Forum Members!!, I have reasonable experience in doing electronics as a profession and hobby. I have been working with avr and 8051 (8bit controllers) and have worked on MSP430 to some extent. I was trying to migrate to arm and cortex M3/M0 were the first logical choice. I have purchased the following boards
hello everyone, i want to interfacing the single phase AC motor to Friendly arm.....but before that i will do it on my 51 or avr kit.... i also want to contorl its speed...... can anybody help me for this???? thank you..
Where is stop watch in IAR EW arm and IAR EW avr ? I need to check how much time it takes to execute each instruction.
hi. I've worked with avr family and At91sam7x256,and now I want to start learning arm9 & can I start?I've just worked with C and I don't know the other please helpe me to know what i need to know ,to start learning.
Hello. I have settled on a ADC for a project, ADS1174, its a 4 channel simultaneous sampling 16-bit ADC. I have a Arduino Due(SAM3X8E) which I am using, I'm thinking of etching a board to fit over the Due as a protoshield. The ADC has a SPI interface but it has one output signal for each channel, and I wonder how I should use them. I want to
This is wierd, yesterday when I tried to read 1000 ADC readings it went okey, but when I tried to do more than 1000 it said something about not enough space even when the inputbuffer was not full. Reading you post I increased the inputbuffer 5 fold and tried to read 1500 values and know it works without the error from last night, thanks for pointi
hi every body im trying to port a avr c library to a stm32f103 arm cortex mcu,but i have this error(error 148:variable " xxx" has already been initialized) im bewildered what it say ? tnks
Hello. I am trying to construct a with noise generator to play sound in earphones or speakers in order to find out if white noise is beneficial to people with ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder) and I have a arduino due which contains a SAM3X8E avr/arm flash microcontroller. It has a True Random Number Generator(TRNG) which outputs a 32bit word eve
I've been messing around with a teensy 3.1 and I really like the power that the embedded arm cores lends to projects that would normally use a "standard" microcontroller such as an avr or PIC. I've been working on an idea for a project of mine and when considering the processor I want to use, the idea of an arm processor came to mind. (...)
Hello. I started out with Arduino and 8bit ATmega328/2560 and as I had just learned how to change registers to do what I wanted when I bought a Arduino Due with the SAM3X8E 32bit arm architecture and as I went through the datasheet I quickly saw the enormous advantages from "The Peripheral DMA Controller (PDC) transfers data between on-chip se