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hello friend, i was used an ic atemag32,in it i programmed and it work well for adc,uart,ext interrupt,timer all...but some days before i bought 3 new atmega32 ics,i placed it in my old board and burned the same old working program, but the adc is not working in new 3 ics...i am using avr studio complier.then i compired the fuse settings of worki
Hi, I am working on ISP programming of avr through USBasp. I am using avrDude software for programming. I have ordered this Programmer for programming : But the problem is that when I connect my target controller ATmega32 and ATmega16A to this I
You can use this Software to Calculate the Timer Value Easily, for your Micro-Controller. Its Supports Microchips All PIC Series Controller, avr, And ARM Also.
Hi Aman Welcome to EDABoard, See these two projects with ATMega16: Simple calculator using avr microcontroller with ATMega16 calculator w
hey guys im using atmega 168A -pu im beginner with avr i have some basic doubts as to can i use 20mhz crystal and if so ive done the fuse settings can you please tell me if its right spien-programmed(logic 0) brownout programmed to 4.3V BODLEVEL1=programmed(logic 0) BODLEVEL0=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ1=programmed(logic 0) BOOTSZ0= programmed(logic
Hi, I'm new to this forum but I have been following it for a while and received good advices :). Now I need help, since I think I messed up fuse bits :D. So here's my problem: I have ATMEGA328-PU microcontroller and I use Winavr and avrDude to change fuse bits. Before I did fuse bits change, the default values were following: lfuse: 0x62, hfu
Use search field first. Also look this : WormFood's avr Baud Rate calculator
hi.I have question which is :write a program (with C) which can read a number from a keypad that connected to the D port of micro avr.(Atmega 16) and show the sin & cos of that number according degree on LCD.pleas help me regard pesarirouni
It is not such difficulty, use 8051 timers Here link for "8051 Time delay/Timer routine calculator " 8051 Time delay/Timer routine calculator / 8051 software / Downloads : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes ----------
pls can anyone send me c program for that
Engbedded avr Fuse calculator
There is no code needed all is done using fuses setting during programming, You can calculate the fuses needed for the crystal with this online calculator (or the datasheet of course) avr8 Burn-O-Mat avrdude GUI or you can use the program as a front end to avrdude and prog
I know that the MCS-51 family is not particularly suited for math operations. You should go for some higher end controllers. but refer this sites. they have this project Scientific calculator : avr microcontroller projects
Check this design to initiate your project avr Project : Speaking calculator - Microcontroller Project Circuit
this may help you: Engbedded avr Fuse calculator
ATMega8 Fuse calculator avr Fuse calculator for ATmega8 here you are
SinaProg - avrDUDE-GUI with avr Fuse calculator * Download __________ __________ * Guideline __________* You can edit the file "Fuses.txt", to add your comments for
SinaProg - avrProg GUI for avrDUDE 5.10 with avr Fuse or ____[
tool is placed instead clock in the car. Sterring program is Atmeg8 that has been written in BASCOM avr. Elements that single out to device are two, nine-digit, seven-segments LED displays (recycling from calculator). Only 14 of 18
SinaProg - avrDUDE-GUI with avr Fuse or ____[url=rapidsh
SinaProg - avrProg GUI for avrDUDE 5.6 with avr Fuse or ____[url=htt
hi I have make calculator for my project with avr to help me with 5x7dotmatrix code, and it's usefull, here it is... And source
hi proteus demo includes such example based on avr , 8081 and pic just need to demo version to check out how this impliment in uc
hi all here some nice tools for delay calculation and fp calculation in avr micro hope help full for friends
In some compillers (i.e in IAR compiller for avr) are intrinsic functions for generate acurate delay. In IAR this is function: __delay_cycles(number_of_cycles_to_wait) Try to look at the manual of your compiller, maybe it has similar function... Regards.