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i am planning to make stk 500 clone (avr programmer) where can i find the firm ware and schematic diagram
How do you mean open source? Open hardware for DIY or open code of programmer PC software or open code of firmware ? ---------- Post added at 16:17 ---------- Previous post was at 16:10 ---------- Check this programmer : avr ISP mkII USB programmer (avrISP mkII clone) with ISP/PDI/TPI [I
Check this, I think you will find it useful. Development and Prototype boards and tools for PIC avr and MSP430
There are jtag clones for Atmel avr. You can find easily using google
Hi. I bild a JTG clone from here: avrJTAG clone in action - Scientific, embedded, biomedical, electronics contents. but avr studio says THE OCD JTAG Ada[pter was detected ,but there is no targer power... On the targer chip is 5 V,it is from JTAG Adaptor,JTAG is enable /ATMEGA 32/ ?
Post the shematic and code or part of it? When i program my Atmega32 with this fuses ,I was unable to read her with I was read with stk500 clone in HV mode. see the picture from avr It matters what programmer use
It's a project of debbuger that first version you can find at My project is tune up to use by USB. I reach that thanks to removing original MAX232 conventer and replace by USB>RS conventer. I used conventer that works in mobile phone cable. It's a Prolific PL2303, system see it as a normal serial port. Li
I have heard many times about "PIC-clone" microcontrollers, but never "avr-clone". Do you know if "avr-clone" is possible, and why/why not?
Sofware development: avrStudio, Winavr, CodeVisionavr. Programming the chip: - software - the previous + STK500 or other development tools; or, - software PonyProg + interface from .
i have made one avr JTAG, Now its Working See the Below Link
hi all, i have made an avr jtagice clone from this site i try jtagice with atmega128. avrstudio is find the jtagice clone and connect it. i can erase atmega128 and read fuse bits. but i can't program a hex file or read chip. avrstudio is giving error message like this, ->en
Regarding PIC, not all devices can be debugged at hardware lavel. For those which can be (see their website to know which PICs support hardware debugging), one can use cheaper ICD2 clone from olimex to single step their code programmed in your target via MPLAB IDE in your PC. You don't need to install any debug code manually into your target. MP
Hi I wanted to do something similar. Look over at under avr Hardware. Somthing like this is nice because the people can learn on it but also use it for further experimentation afterward. Another option would be to make a clone of the (now obsolete) Atmel STK200
New low cost kits/module for you: PIC ICD2 clone - $44/$64 (only RS232 interface, switching PSU for VPP and improved design) avr ICE-ISP - $44/$64 (avr JTAG ICE + avr-ISP) avr JTAG miniICE -
I SEEk for found very compress (program & memory size) of J2SE Java Virtual Machine for 8051 and avr based system it must get minimum overload THX