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there is any starter guide with some example for gcc-avr or avr-eclipse & how can i found the lcd(16*2)(or other graphical) & other lib for both compiler
I am using avr gcc compiler which comes with avr studio. I dont have any library for reading JPEG file. I am using ATmega32 Microcontroller.
lcd lcd, I2C, UART SPI, NRF24L01 All it takes is a google search and then select the ones you like. There is also a big library collection www.procyonengineering.
how to interface t6963 based lcd in C18 Compiler, first i tried to port another codes (CSS and gcc-avr) and it did not work, now im wondering if there are anybody faced this problem before and how did he solve it(library, code, xlcd.h , port....etc) Thank you max
Another one but with cheaper nokia 3310 display lcd Nokia 3310 (PCD8544) Driver in Winavr(avr-gcc) ? root@fandigunawan
I don't know if there is a standard way but this link has an example Winavr avr-gcc Tutorial Alex
Good tutorials: View Forum - avr Tutorials :: avr Freaks 40+ avr-gcc / Win-avr Projects.
Another Winavr avr-gcc 4 bit and 8 bit lcd library which is easy to use and adapt to avr projects. Some functions are adapted from avrLib. Download it here. More info and example of usage in site .
Here is avr-gcc code for T6963 display : T6963