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I am trying to toggle PORTC of atmega16 at rate of 100ms. this is my code . #define F_CPU 8000000UL #include <avr/io.h> #include ////////////////////////////// int main(void) { DDRC=0XFF; PORTC=0XFF; while(1) { _delay_ms(100); PORTC=~PORTC; } return 0; } ////////////////////////
No that will not be recognized in avr studio. You will have to use an external program like avrdude - - - Updated - - - To debug you need a jtag device like jtag ice. USBasp or avrisp are just ISP programmers. - - - Updated - - - Here is a DIY jtagICE but it only works in (...)
If you have a programmer compatible with avr studio then use the graphic interface it offers, if not use avr burn-o-mat which is a graphic front end for avrdude
Sir, I am trying to connect an "ATMEGA 16A microcontroller" (which is impressed in a development board) with a "USB avr programmer" by connecting through their isp header pins. I had connected them correctly using connecting wires. After that for checking whether i had connected them correctly or not i had written
Arduino (avr) has a usb bootloader and I've seen LPC17xx boards that have a secondary bootloader using USB
- brilliant in its simplicity, a tool for programming/debugging microcontrollers: - ARM ? MSP ? and avr microcontrollers programming ? 3 in 1. It is compatible with macraigor wiggler and STK200/300. Software: ARM: H-jtag Open OCD ?
hi, you'd better post your question in the following forum Microcontrollers - 8051, avr, embedded, arm, software, microchip, spi, jtag, programmer, i2c, interf
Dear all, Is it possible to program several avr microcontroller in a board whit single jtag port on a board. I want to know if i want to desig a board that has more than one microcontroller which thay have different codes, is it possible to have single jtag port, or i must put jtag ports for each microcontroller? Thanks in (...)
Hi, actually im working in a project using this development board, i already connect the board and program the micro, with jtag ICE, and avr studio, with an example that olimex (the provider of the board), gives you, it's about making a phone call, the problem is that they also give you another example about sending and receiving SMS, but when we p
Just googled HTAG " "H-jtag is an ARM debugging and programming toolkit " And for Keil I did not need to google because I know that tool rather well. There are MANY different programmers for ARM. avr or avr32 are NOT ARM based. That means, you can not use ULinkx or Hjtag for the avr. Going with (...)
There are jtag clones for Atmel avr. You can find easily using google
Do You hawe a jtag interface?First of all the jtag fuse mast be programmed to use a jtag .Connect the hardware to the target chip in the board edn then from avr studio select connect and choice jtag ... and go...
Hi. I bild a JTG Clone from here: avrjtag clone in action - Scientific, embedded, biomedical, electronics contents. but avr studio says THE OCD jtag Ada[pter was detected ,but there is no targer power... On the targer chip is 5 V,it is from jtag Adaptor,jtag is enable /ATMEGA 32/ ?
I am trying to debug an applictaion written for ATMEGA128. The code is in ICC avr and when I configure the generated HEX file in proteus it runs too. but what i want to do is that, how can I debug by inserting breakpoints in ICC avr and seeing the changes (like line by line actions) in proteus? (similar like jtag debugging) is this (...)
While making a evaluation board using 89s51 and avr our instructor mentioned three ways which are Off the board program,ISP (In System Programming),jtag I am aware of ISP that a programmer can change the code while mcu residing in the board but i could not completely understand the off the board program and jtag??? I googled it (...)
hi siva, can you please tell me the part no. of avr. Is it Atmega8 or 8L. If you connect a 4 or 8 mhz external crystal could solve your problem. There are two version of mega8 avr, the difference is maximum frequency supported by them. Or try jtag parallel port programmer in case you have disabled the spi by mistake. Kindly refer the datasheet.
It's a project of debbuger that first version you can find at My project is tune up to use by USB. I reach that thanks to removing original MAX232 conventer and replace by USB>RS conventer. I used conventer that works in mobile phone cable. It's a Prolific PL2303, system see it as a normal serial port. Li
Hello Everyone, I would like to move the pins in the Eagle CAD avr library jtag connector part so that they are arranged as the device is laid out rather than the logical grouping that was provided by the library. Google and the manual imply that the "smash" tool is used to do this but so far the procedure is eluding me. Thank you for your
I would like to use the ATmega169PV The pins of the jtag are the 4 pin A/D. Can i use jtag and A/D pins at the same time? Thanks :-P
adapter is used to replace serial communication port. For example, you can use this adapter to connect singlechip and PC by serial communication. And you can change some serial device to wireless. For example, you can change avr com jtag to bluetooth jtag. When pair this adapter and PC,