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In this case I'd use one of the following: 1. Microchip PIC 2. Atmel avr 3. Si-Labs 8051.
Please provide a sample IAR avr C Code for led Blinking using Timer1 interrupt. I am new to IAR avr Compiler. I have done led Blinking project using delays and it works fine. I need code with Timer interrupts for ATMega32.
Please zip and post your CodeVisionavr project files. I will add code to read SMS and control the led. Which version of CodeVisionavr are you using ? I have version 3.14. You have to use Serial receive interrupt to read the SMS when new sms notification is received. I have not used CodeVisionavr much. So, (...)
this are not same like you but similar and might help you
Hi... Im novice to avr mcu and its various programming/prototyping methods. I had installed atmel studio6, managed to get STK500 programmer, and after some attempt succeed in programming simple led blinking program on mega8515 available on STK500. apart from this i don't know much about programming, about how to use studio6 as a (...)
You will see lots of shift operations in avr microcontroller programming. for example to set any pin High #define led PB0 PORTB|=(1<led On and Off. Just read Datasheets.
look here may be helpful
sir have you any full project to control (ON /OFF) an led through Ethernet ? Is this what you are looking for? An avr Microcontroller based Ethernet device Using the avr
for your oscillator setting see above link try this solution also.
This project was based on ZL2-avr kit from BTC. Features: display HD44780 4x 7-segments display 8x led RS232 I2C matrix keyboard 2x2 PS2 keyboard buffers [
this project is a Nokia 3310(F-Bus) GSM based remote temperature sensor and it also controls two led's by sending a proper command (led n ON/OFF) where n is 1 or 2 ,It's written in GNU C (winavr) for ATMEGA16 and you can use it for many purposes like turning electrical devices on or off or reading back parameters you (...)
It uses an Atmel avr ATtiny2313 for controlling eight 5x7 led dotmatrix June 2009: Changed link to new website and use ATtiny2313 instead of the now obsolete AT90S2313
try this to initiate your project IR led and TSOP 1738 : 8051 Microcontroller projects avr PIC projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi I think you can use 51, avr or pic microcontroller. You can do some simple project, like an electronic watch and so on.
Can any one send me low cost digital clock using led shimetics & hex for avr Thanx
A microcontroller is the way to attack this project. Programmers are not an issue. Many parts like the Atmel avr can be programmed with a very simple circuit from the PC parallel port. Cost of doing this in a microcontroller will be X10 smaller than any other solution. Since your update rate of the leds is so slow, I would use a serial (...)
You know already this thread? Moving Message led Display project (with DOS PC 2nd link to other animated sign projects A great page by RobSki on creating a moving message sign using an avr microcontroller
Hi, A good place to start : hope it'll help!
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