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Hello all, I have a digital IO (12 channels) board based on 8051 with RS485 interfacing. I have been able to successfully use the board but I want to improve it further. I want to extend the channels to 16 or 24, so I am talking about 8 to 24 more pins (1 for output, 1 for input each). Hence I am looking at a 100pin package device. Seco
AT Mega is sub family of avr microcontroller. The Most frequently used micros are AT Mega8, ATmega16, AT Mega32, AT Mega128, AT Tiny2313, etc.
PIC and avr are entirely different micros and the compilers are different. You have not mentioned which compiler you are using in MPLAB. What is the syntax error that you get. Ideally get an LED to blink first before trying compile a bigger program By doing that you can ensure that your IDE is setup right and everything from compiling to programmin
Hello, Try FreeRTOS-A Free professional grade RTOS supporting 27 architectures, including ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M3, RX600, MSP430, MSP430X, MicroBlaze, avr, x86, PIC32, PIC24, dsPIC, H8S, HCS12 and 8051 They have demo applications for a whole bunch of different micros and it's free, I just started using the pic18 demo a
Hello all, I am looking for a way to simulate my digital circuit on Altium. I have looked around and I understand that this may be a long shot, but I was hoping to be able to do this, since I have the schematic in Altium Designer S09. Is there anywhere where I can get Digital Simcode files for avr micros (like the mega32)? This would be Check out, official site for avr micros Nandhu
LPC1100 ,LPC1300,LPC1700 are excellent ,I hope philips give good and seperate firmware driver library on the three groups,I am sure many people will start with this new micros and leave avr ,xmega,PIC,MSP430,... I want to do my new designs with them.
I think these micros are very interesting in term of power,speed,performance,price versus 8/16 bit micro like as avr,MSP430,PIC (old micros). These new 32bit but simple micros support RTOS in hardware and the tools for these micros are available from keil ,IAR,GCC. I think these micros (...)
look at lot of sample projects, dedicated forum for avr micros Happy programming Nandhu
Hi guys, I wanna simulate an avr microcontroller in Altium Designer. I have searched for the parts and I have found almost all the avr micros in a library. But I don't know how to give Altium the code and instructions for the micro? PLEASE help me.
Microchip is about to buy Atmel. Then 'avr' will become 'pic'. It is not just the chip, you have to consider cost of support tools and compilers. Freescale have a wide range of micros. Infineon is another good range. Also the French ST micros.
Atmel have ICs like as AT86RF212,AT86RF231 that have very good radio/hardware specification but atmel only gives a free OpenMac (MAC layer only) with it for avr micros, But TI with CC2520 ,CC2480 have weaker radios but give free full zigbee stack! How can I solve the problem? how to find the atmel full zigbee stack?what is its price?
Look in the data sheet. Some micros (like avr) expect you to write your own boot loader. They just provide the space and the option to execute your code at reset. What micro do you have? Regarding what is executed first... most compilers will put some code in front of your code to initialize variables etc.
The gcc compatibility of avr microcontrollers place them over the PIC micros. I think that the gnu software for realize application based in this iC are of very high level. The architecture is really nice, modern, and powerfull.
use 8051 micros or other types like avr with MAX232 RS232 interface IC,to connect to GSM and GPS modules(you need 1 RS232 port for GSM and another one for GPS). Use AT commands according to module datasheet(GSM), for GPS use NMEA0183 protocol. you should send and receive data by micro using c code and the port driver written for its serial p
Hai all, I've experienced with avr micros but very new to bootloader. Can any one help me get a refrence about bootloader... If its possible, starting from basic such as "what is bootloader?" and mor advanced like hoe to manage communication between bootloader and application in codevision avr. Thanks for the help.
I haven't dealt with PIC but in avr I have used Look-up table with precalculated sine-wave data. Just read and send out through DAC. With PIC do the same: Save one period sine-wave to like 256x8 size table in Program memory or another. then using DDS algorithm or simple read one by one end output to port where DAC is connected. DAC can be simple
Does PIC micros have better performance in harsh systems and noisy systems than avr atmega series? many of people that work with PIC claim that PIC is very better than avr in noisy and harsh systems! What is your opinion and experience?
When you say "Fail" what do you mean? Are you using avrprog.exe from atmel? Does the device read the signature bytes? What device are you trying to program? It is possible that the firmware in your ISP programmer is outdated if you are trying to program any of the newer avr micros.
IAR compiler support many micros like as avr,MSP430,ARM7(from atmel ST,NXP,..) and have the same environment for all of them. I think it is better ,for ARM they have a tool including RTOS,TCPIP,FS.