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Hi, I am new in C programming language, but experienced in asm for 8051 and avr ... I'm trying to drive a segment LCD in Stm32L476 discovery board, i could do it well but i see a problem when using bitmap table, i use a table to assign true active segments for each number. i used a 3D array for this purpose: const uint32_t Table[
Hello, I am newbie to ARM i used to code in avr and PIC. I am having a LPC 1768 development board comparing to avr, the examples are so much confusing. Where can i find good tutorial or manual to start programming ARM board with understanding whats going inside?AM looking for beginners things like (...)
Hi guys, I am new to the avr Studio programming environment and i am using the Xmega256 A3BU board to work a project on signal sine wave generation. As shown below is a code which i am using through DAC to generate a 25khz step sine wave. I am able to change the frequency easily. By using the DAC output on xmega256a3bu (...)
Hello friends, I'm using usbtinyisp hardware for programming my project and my programmer part is on board. Now i want to design my own GUI for windows, mac and o linux. I don't want to use GUI which are already available. Can anyone provide me guideline for how to make this? thank you
Which Dev board and programmer are you using? Does your Dev board has onboard programmer + ICD like Easyavr board? You don't burn the code to avr but burn the .hex file to avr.
Does anyone have exxperience with the ATmega16 ATmeg​a32 TEA5767 TDA1308 ISP 5V FM Radio avr Development board MCU. If so, do you think that the FM ic scanning can be controlled by the interface and if so, what would I need to do this. I have some programming experience although mainly with databases but I understand function and (...)
i am making a quad copter and my flight control board has avr 2560 in it can u guide me to some good tatourial site to learn it language in basic(bascom) Most of the tutorials you can find are for ATMEGA 8/16/32/128. However, if you learn from those, you can just port to the ATMEGA2560. By the ways, the microcont
Sir, I am trying to connect an "ATMEGA 16A microcontroller" (which is impressed in a development board) with a "USB avr programmer" by connecting through their isp header pins. I had connected them correctly using connecting wires. After that for checking whether i had connected them correctly or not i had written
Hi, I was just checking the Sunrom 89x programmer board ( ). But looks like it would work only with Windows. Anybody tried this with Linux Machines...? Or any suggestions for a 89x programmer board (ST500/avr kits from Atmel...?) that works with Linux machines..?
I recently purchased an Arduino with an atmega1280 on it. I did not get it to use the Arduino IDE but just as a handy board to use with avr Studio and my Dragon. I purchased a new computer around the same time and it is running windows 7 64bit, I downloaded avr Studio 5.1 and plugged in my Dragon. I upgraded to the latest firmware as it (...)
If it is a digital sensor then you can change manually the input state from the4 right side panel (the white/black boxes for ports) while using the software debugger of avr studio but to debug a circuit properly you should use a hardware dev board.
Hello Friends, I am working as Embedded System Designer with 4 years of experience in C programming(C51, PIC, ARM, avr) up to 32 bit. Now i want to learn embedded Linux programming. my query is ==> from where, I am starting with Embedded Linux? ==> which starter Kit is useful for better experience on Linux? ==> Friendly ARM (...)
Dear all, Is it possible to program several avr microcontroller in a board whit single JTAG port on a board. I want to know if i want to desig a board that has more than one microcontroller which thay have different codes, is it possible to have single JTAG port, or i must put JTAG ports for each microcontroller? Thanks in (...)
I am into PIC and avr programming and i want to move to embedded linux development. I am currently torn between mini2440 and chumby hacker board. I want to know which one of these will be good for a beginner like me ? thanks
STK500 development board can recover avr (in parallel high voltage programming mode) or Check this link Atmega HVPP fusebit doctor – napraw fusebity, fix fusebits >> Manekinen DIY
Do You hawe a JTAG interface?First of all the JTAG fuse mast be programmed to use a JTAG .Connect the hardware to the target chip in the board edn then from avr studio select connect and choice JTAG ... and go...
Hii all, I am very new to MSP430,I recently had to shift to it .I have done programming on avr .I am using MSP430 USB-Debug-Interface to download program onto MSP430 Evaluation board (MSP-FET430U64) ,I am using IAR Embedded Workbench IDE.Seeing the tutorials there I compiled the code but when I am pressing the Option (Download and (...)
While making a evaluation board using 89s51 and avr our instructor mentioned three ways which are Off the board program,ISP (In System programming),JTAG I am aware of ISP that a programmer can change the code while mcu residing in the board but i could not completely understand the off the (...)
please reffer following site: as you can see this board based on 25X25 LED matrix. And avr as processor gray level shades are also implemented in his programming. MY QUESTION IS: generally i saw led matrix of 8 rows and several coloum
In System Serial programming is a technique where the target is programmed serially using 4 or 5 pins from the programmer to the ISP pins of the chip whiyhout removing the microcontroller from its circuit board. In case of PIC micro 5 pins are use Namely the MCLR, CLK, DATA, Vcc and GND. In case if an avr 6 pins are used Namely (...)