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It's a simple issue on timming analysis; If you have to update the pwm duty-cycle at each cycle, you have to ensure that the maximum loop of instructions of the avr core will not exceed the period of the pwm.
Hello. I would like to generate 100 kHz pwm signal with attiny26. Please, check my source code, I borow my ISP programmer so I can't do it. Thanks in advance. #include <avr/io.h> #include #include <avr/interrupt.h> int main(void) { DDRB |=(1<pwm out (...)
hi all avr experts please tell me that how can i cantrol dc voltage using pwm and feedback loop i want to cantrol dc buck convertor using this thanks
I want to convert .wav files into hex files in order write it on flash and play them using pwm on my avr STK600 board. Does anyone have idea about this?
Aha... sorry. I was too much in Arduinos :) Does this site help? I am planning to play with ATMEGA16 and I can look at it at that time (if you don't find solution :D).
does timer1 is ok? In avr, pwm Mode is available in all timers. TIMER0 and TIMER2 provide 8bit accuracy whereas TIMER1 provides 16bit accuracy. In 8bit accuracy, you have 256 individual steps, whereas in 16bit accuracy, you have 65536 steps. which mode is better ? If you want to control the speed of DC motors
that's easy, but in this case the frequency and pwm resolution is two times reduced - /***************************************************** CVavr V2.05 Chip type : ATmega8 avr Core Clock frequency: 8 MHz *****************************************************/ #include void t1_cfg() { OCR1A=0; OCR1B=
May be this software will be helpful for you am getting diff values. Can you post the part number and proteus project file.
105712105713 can somebody please post avr atmega16 example code IN MIKROC FOR avr OR avr STUDIO 1> 1 SECOND TIMER INTERRUPT // ANY TIMER 2> EXTERNAL INTERRUPT //LOW TO HIGH OR HIGH TO LOW 3> pwm EXAMPLE 1KHZ. // HARDWARE INTERRUPT //////////////////////////////////////////
The pwm and ADC are working separately fine, but not working simultaneously. I am using avr studio 4 with compiler optimization disabled. The program is running timer 2 fast pwm mode in non-inverting mode, and adc channel 0 for feedback from the design, the multimeter shows correct feedback voltage value but controller gives flicker in (...)
How can i change the frequency of pwm signal .Although i can change the duty cycle but how to change the frequency . There is a formula with prescaler .The formula is given below : F=F(oscillator)/{(Top+1)*N} Since the top value is constant ,so there is only one option left change presclaer (N) for changing frequency there any other opti
i want to control frequency by using pwm in avr microcontroler.i am using codevision avr software.
Guys, How can I control the RPM of DC motor with pwm on avr? Any experiences ? I use 12V 0.14A DC motor for CPU cooler.. Any infos will be appreciated.. Thanks
i did similar kind of project with avr atmega 32, and it worked well, u can think over using it
I have used the Fast pwm mode for generating Spwm 16 kHz signal with microcontroller ATMEGA16 wth oscillator frequency 16Mhz (see Atmega16 50Hz sine wave.jpg). Program written in Bascom avr. Our frequency is 50Hz ? time period is 20ms. A half cycle takes 10ms. Recall that the sine table used is only for half a cycle. So, the 32 (...)
#include <avr/io.h> #include void main() { DDRA=0X00; unsigned char i,x,temp,y; //Configure TIMER1 TCCR1A|=(1<pwm TCCR1B|=(1<pwm) ICR1=19999; (...)
I have the .wav samples (unsigned 8-bit PCM) of a music file that I want to play using the avr microcontroller. I have enough flash to store these samples and would like to know if it would be easier to play it directly from the flash or should I store them on the RAM and then play the samples using pwm. Also I would like to know how pwm (...)
hi there I wanna know is it possible to see crystal oscillator frequency on pwm? I want to use it to determine crystal frequency.
8051 and avr are ALMOST same..avr is with faster speed, more peripherals like builtin adc, comparator and pwm channels. its easy to program and even has builtin oscilators upto 8mhz. avr has in system programming capability. it is good for hobby robotics. for more professional robotics projects PIC is prefered. i dont know (...)
What do you already know about pwm? If you need to learn about the very basics, you should go through some tutorials such as: