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I have avrISP mkii programmer. problem is it Starts Orange blinking when i connect it to my device. I have avr Studio version 4.19 The ERROR occurred this morning "There seems to be a short circuit on the ISP connector. The MOSI, reset, and SCK line(s) appear to be shorted. The operation will be aborted." Yesterday It (...)
hello friends I am new user of avr atmega 16 microcontroller and i have locked my controller any one can help me? how i can reset lock bit when i programmed with usbasp programmer it shows avrdude: warning:-E option not supported bye this programmer and rc=-1 device signature =0x000000 and i have changed my controller and (...)
Hi, I have a problem as follow: In my circuit I have a enc28j60 module on SPI . I setup a Serial interface to PC to show somethings on terminal. All is ok when I turn on this device when my avr MKII connected to it(SPI), but when I disconnect MKII and reset it I see leds of enc28j60 blinking abnormaly and it is not working. I try to (...)
Any way for me it is not so easy..;)... Also my package is very small (32-QFN). I know it is not due to avr architecture problem. I just commented it is a bad design by the Atmel. Otherwise they can easily implement a fuse bit reset to default option by some simple way in the hardware itself so that no need to take the
This code does quite well in receiving serial data and operating the relay drive ports, which have a command for setting and unsetting. my problem is when then stepper motor attached to portb is set in motion, I cannot operate anything else unless I turn off the power to reset. I am sure its an interrupt thing, but I do not know where to start wi
Because in general, if you want to read data from a port, first you have to write 1 to the port. You are apparently imaging 8051 IO. avr processor don't have these "poor mans" 8051 peripherals but full featured bidirectional ports. They are initialized in the application. Input operation is the default reset state, you don't need in
I am trying to read and write FLASH and EEPROM of an avr (atmega8) via ISP. I had programmed a PIC16F877A which accepts 8 bit data from UART (hyperterminal) and send it to avr via SPI at reset zero... I have successfully enabled the ISP mode by sending cmd(0xac, 0x53, 0, 0); also verified the return byte. Now I can write and read (...)
you did not say what microcontroller you are using. I'll be that it is an avr and you have programmed the fuses incorrectly! OR maybe the reset circuit is non existent or improper.
Hi guys, Here is part of the schematic that I am using for a project. I built the hardware and sent it to my partner to program. He tells me that the hardware will not run if the programmer is not plugged into the ISP port. The only thing that I can come up with is that maybe I don't have permanent power to a pin on the avr that needs it. If you
I am trying to read/write config registers in cc1100 as a first step to make RF communication but without success. Using ATmega8515 and code almost identical to this in next link but for avr , not for PIC like in this example. After reset I read the folowing config registers which are not default val
Dear all, I have some problem. I want to interface ATMEGA8535 with cmps03 using I2C. I have interface the ATMEGA8535 with DS1624 before and it work well, but when I interface it with cmps03, the problem I have is the data that I passed to the port always changing when I reset my avr, supposedly the data is static (don't (...)
Hi guys. I'm using ICC-avr and i can't set fuses.How to set them? (I want to use crystal but the micro uses the internal 1M OSC) Thanks.
What do you mean with parallel programming?He has an avr Dongle programmer on LPT.He alredy tried at another guy to work on STK 500 board,but the same problem as above I hope you know the purpose of reset pin in ISP programming mode. Well if you disable it and set as I/O you won't be able to program the circuit t
Hello, I have a problem with programming Tiny13. When I disable reset pin (fuse RSTDISBL=0), further programming is not possible. The programmer doesn't detect the device. I use this - high voltage serial programmer. There is a errata in the datasheet about combinations of fuse bits that may lock
Dear I build a simple avr circuit that on/off a small dc motor.The power supply of circuit is a simple linear regulator(7805).for driving the motor a power mosfet(irf9540) was used.But when motor is on the avr did not work correctly and reset and lock. I used an filtering of power supply by inductor and tantalium capacitor but this (...)
can u give some beginner programms go to :