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can we drive p channel mosfet having Vds 12 v from ttl logic i.e(0-5) without using level shifter Thanking you'll in anticipation Regards ETRX_13
Hi friends Can anyone tell me the avr controller which has capability to invert its uart o/p( uart RX & tx should be ideally low rather than high) i dont want to use transistor logic for that ,since i want to compact my design. i think through the software i can only invert data & not start bit & stop bit
Hi Recently I designed a High voltage circuit based on avr microcontroller. I need your opinion or any suggestion or improvements I could add to the presented project. Circuit operation: Microcontroller is responisible for giving appropriate PWM pulse (of known frequency) to the MOSFET transistor. Pwm signal from the uC goes to the op
I don't see any problem with your connection so it must be your program or you have done something previously to damage either the avr pin or the transistor. Disconnect the base resistor from the avr, the 10K pull down will hold the transistor in off state, then connect the !K input resistor to 12v, it should turn on. (...)
Hi. I need to know the advantages of using Max232 (if any) against simple resistor-transistor level converter for serial port avr programmer. Is max232 able to provide some better level of protection to serial port and avr Mcu compared to to resistor-transistor level converter? Thank you very much
Are you sure that your avr pins are set up as outputs? I don't see a way that this can happen unless you pull too much current from the avr and you don't do that, unless you have damaged any of your pins before. You can try with 3 leds connected to the 3 outputs of the avr, each with a resistor about 300 ohm, anode to the vcc supply and (...)
Hey i made a 4 digit 7 segment based display using avr working fine. I have a reservation in mind regarding power consumption of avr. Currently i m using common cathode display (multiplexed by NPN transistor) which turns on segment when avr's Port output is high. So it must b consuming more from microcontroller. On contrary (...)
I try to connecting 2 board. the 1st board contain avr, it's output is ttl signal clock. the 2nd board, is the receiver of ttl signal, it use 74hc14n chip. at the input stage of 74hc14n, i put 10k pull up, followed by 10k resistor to input pin of 74hc14n. it don't work. is it because I use different power source & ground on each boar
I guess it's for a classic (wired) telephone. In this case you need a DTMF receiver (MT8870 or other), a microcontroller (avr/PIC/8051...), a transistor and a relay. The relay contacts should be connected in series with the telephone. When the number is dialed, the uC reads the DTMF receiver and if the number it's not accepted, it will activ
Hai all, I had spare CPLD ISR from Cypress,It looks like ISP programmer for avr and AT89SX. contain HC244 and transistor with C and r and connector for parport. Did someone knew had to change it from ISRCPLD became ISP for avr or
You can also simplify it further, by connecting line 3 (--->>3) directly to RESET and eliminate the BC547 transistor(Q2) and R1&R2. The transistor is just an invertor, and you need configure PonyProg to invert RESET signal. I am using this simplified - only resistors and diodes - circuit since 2004, but only on avr microcontrollers.
Hi Jack// ani, As artem suggests you don't need the num array. It's enough to shift left the temp variable. Setting DDRB register it's a must if you drive the LED directly. If you drive them through a driver (say a npn transistor) you don't have to bother since the internal MOS pull-up resistor will source the current to bias your transistor (10
Salam, Did you mean without any hardware , just direct link from the serial port or parallel port to the mcu !!!!! Of course NO you can't becuse in the case of the PIC or avr you need at least RS232 <--> TTL converter (two transistor min. with few resistors ) There are bootloader that receive a hex code from serial port and update the
What actually need? Hardware/Software For Software simply use For Hardware put a transistor between motor and PWM port of avr. :wink: