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Guys, Can I interface OV7670 module with avr microcontroller directly ? This is the module
There are some projects that use an 8-bit MCU like the ATmega to control an ISA graphics card like this: Now could the same be done using a PCI graphics card by completely violating any offical standard? The memory and video generation is available on the board. One only needs a way to enter configure and ent
Here is an RGB solution But not a very useful or practical one.
You need to spec the content to the video, not just the Video interface. YOu might consider; Microchip PIC 16F84 vga Output Atmel avr vga Text mode Output Atmel avr graphics vga output with SDRAM Atmel avr and ISA vga card Lattice MachXO CPLD/FPGA (...)
Do a search on the internet e.g. Simple vga/Video adapter with ATmega avr free schematics: vga to TV Converter Circuit vga to video converter
It is a household thermometer connected to the plasma TV (with a PC-vga input). The system monitors the temperature in the living room, garage and outside on both sides of the house. LCD monitor used in this project
I believe that vga is 0.7Vpp, the clocks are certainly not provided by the monitor, they are generated by the device plugged into the monitor. Here's a simple circuit which also works in PAL: Simple vga/Video adapter with ATmega avr
This device presents time and date on a vga monitor (without a PC). What was used: avr Atmega16 and Philips RTC PCF8583 The circuit is very easy and consists of elements: power supply 5V - LM7805
hi all , i had found a very helpful thing for pple who used to maiantain CRT monitors This project was born for repairing broken PC monitors. This allows to avoid using a computer while testing monitor patterns. The Tiny monitor tester uses ATTiny2313 avr MCU running at 20MHz speed. Such speed allows running synchro H and V signals directly f
I think the following can help you: avr 2006 DESIGN CONTEST GRAND PRIZE: WITNESSCAM The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a vga CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The aesthetically pleasing