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Directly ARM Cortex for new people is no problems as well. Try to see STM32 ARM Cortex M0, its replacing 8-16 bit MCUs like PIC and avr in industrial applications. You can even put in freeRTOS and make a robust industrial system.
Hi all I have a question about GSM modems I have a avr micro and have a variable with some value I want to send these values to my web host database table . I'm not familiar with GSM modems I know that need a gprs connection . but how can send a variable with sim900 and save it on DB ? Also how can I send data using sim900? I get confuse
Hello I am writing this post to obtain knowledge about pid, im currently working at some project that includes avr atmega32 controller controlling 300W heater and i want you to give mi advices where should i look for desired knowledge(books, pdf's, web pages). One crucial thing that i can not undestand is how can i get a gain of heater that is hi
Forget about PIC and avr. Use STM8S.
if you do a web search for avr micro build or simlar you will get plenty of links, e.g. are you planning to use a breadboard or make your own PCB?
i want to interface mpu 6050 imu & it communicates using i2c protocol. The libraries i found on web @ this site: are used for only arduino. The uc i am using is: atmega 8-8L and compiler is:avr studio 4. this is the link of the i2c library i will be using compatible to my comp
ENC28J60 is ethernet controller, and if you use avr32 on ethernet, that means that you should make application which support ethernet. Check small webservers based on avr such as avr-NET, Ulrich Radig avr web based on ATMega644,... Only what you need to use is Internet browser from (...)
Project Example: avr web modules with
You can use USBasp programmer avr + 8051. This is simple LPT programmer and support 89S51, 89S52, 89S53! 91413 Software is ISP-Pgm 3.0a or newer.
Hi Few months ago i bought cheap avr evaluation board but without blueprints and i want to find them. On the backside of small ethernet module there have been writen yihe electronic studio" but the site doesnt exist ;/ Hope you can help me. Thanks. If my thread is in bad place please move it. 86523[/ATT
See this nice open project : Version with ATMega32 :
Small web Server ATMega644 HTTP/TCP with an atmega88 microcontroller (avr web server) How-To: web server on a business card
A good place to start is the avr Portal which is the original developer of the firmware: avr Portal - avrnet V1.1 BigDog
Either PIC or avr will do - which do you have the most experience with? Everyday Practical Electronics magazine did a PIC-based webserver in their December 2011 (and the following few issues). If I recall, it even had four analogue inputs that could be displayed on the web page it served. Perhaps that would give you a start. I think the (...)
plz suggest me wht microcontroller is best PIC or atmel and also gsm module in which both sms and web uploading fearures are available ..... Either avr or PIC will fulfill the project requirements, select the MCU family which you feel most comfortable developing code. I would recommend selecting a MCU which
The assumption was to display the number of people online on a web page. On a www server, a web page should be created, that shows only the number of people who currently are on the page (NOTE! The number is also d
this pdf tells you how to use BESCOM and how to compile and generate hex file...
Is there any detailed book about the architecture of avr microcontrollers, or any web resource?
My design consists of a ATmega32 running at 16.00Mhz. The input is an EEPROM where some ascii(8 bit) characters is stored simultaneously one after one. The output will be a large LED display. I have chosen to use 21 IO pins as output and 2 IO pins as inputs. Now my design has PC0 and PC1 selected for SCL and SDA for the 24Cxx eeprom from whe
used google brew as me. recently i saw code sorce on the web, but i do not where. sorry i use assembler and avr