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avr zigbee silicon labs NRF24L01 Maybe the nordic modules could be good for you
I am working on a circuit which contains a Geophone sensor (GS 20-DX), A zigbee 900 communication module board, a dsp processor and an avr microcontroller board. Principle of working is; geophone detects vibrations, dsp processor amplifies and converts this analog signal to digital pulses, microcontroller takes it as interrupt, and transmit it as
normally zigbee uses .3votls and mcu needs 5vs , and i wont to connect these to devices and i want to establish serial communication . how can i do that?? pls help me out
You can check a few DSO input stages, maybe they can help Soudez! zigbee forum - Digital oscilloscope (DSO) avr-dso (the schematic is in the layout folder) Bitscope Ha
hi i want to work on zigbee project where is start point?! what should i do? please help me. i write my cod on avr. tnx.
Atmel have ICs like as AT86RF212,AT86RF231 that have very good radio/hardware specification but atmel only gives a free OpenMac (MAC layer only) with it for avr micros, But TI with CC2520 ,CC2480 have weaker radios but give free full zigbee stack! How can I solve the problem? how to find the atmel full zigbee stack?what is its price?
IS there any free or comercial zigbee stack for ARM cortexM3 or avr?
I offer you avr (like atmega128), specially LCD can drive by avr very easy.You can communicate by another micros by I2C protocol.
Hi I am making home automation with I2C. Is this good idea? Have anybody something schematic of PIC or avr with I2C ?