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Rohm make one called BU70013TL but I'm not sure of it's exact characteristics. I think it may be for use in consumer water, gas and electricity meters so they retain the usage count if the power fails. Other than that, you can quite easily emulate the 4017 with an MCU containing EEPROM or you can use battery back-up for a real 4017. Their current
If you don't have any unusual requirements like cold-sparing (i.e. output does not leak back when VDD=0) then the usual CMOS digital ESD schemes could be applied. If you need "power off high impedance" on the outputs then probably need to use a GGNMOS clamp per output (possibly with a back diode). Verifying ESD (...)
Sorry for the long and dull post...please by all means just skim read and hit back with anything you suspect may be remotely relevant..:-|:-|:-P:-P:lol::lol: We are providing 1V5, 173A to a processor load by way of a 28V input. This means using a cascaded network of off-the-shelf power modules by as in the JPEG attached here. S
Hi, I?m trying to build a midterm system between a costly and highly custom VPX and a platform where each board interfaces with one another by cables. for example: imagine I have an off the shelf mini-itx motherboard, a switch, and 2 network video encoders my idea is to have a back plane that would supply power, serial communication (...)
hi dear friend I'm working with sim900 (sim 900 doesn't answer my at command just reply every thing that I send, back) and when I turning the sim900 off send "NORMAL power DOWN" on hyper terminal:bang::bang::bang::bang: (cry cry cry) help me please
Take the back off, switch it on in a dark room and look for light around the back of the display. If you can see light it means the backlights are working and you have a video fault. If no light is 'leaking' out, the problem is almost certainly the high voltage inverters or the power supply to them. They (...)
Hi group, Hope this is the right group? I have a Raspberry Pi running Wheezy with an external hard drive that is powered by an external power supply. It fails to reboot because the Pi turns off the hard drive while coming down and fails to turn it back on. I have researched this problem to no avail. So I was thing of (...)
Hello, I have a problem with the operation of power supply (buck topology) using LNK306 chip as when the current exceeds 100mA the power supply seems to switch off and then switches back on when the current drops by releasing the load ( using speakers as load ) , it seems that there is a component that reaches saturation (...)
Hi guys, my ups broke down - a Mustek powerMust 600VA offline. Learned is made by Centralion and is marketed also as a Ippon back office 600va. Obviously first checked the SLA batt- discharged but ok(chargeable), then the fuse - ok also. Then i suspected off the DPDT relay, i replaced it and nothing. (...)
Linear operation is possible if you set Vgg to 3.5V, maybe even 4V for very linear amplification. And because 64QAM has about 7dB peak-to-average (and 16QAM about 4dB) might need to back-off few dB's the output power, to get minimum signal distortions and lowest ACPR.
Dear All, I am designing an AC DC which requires switching the AC power on and off to the inductor. The power of the inductor will then be fed to the other circuit for AC DC conversion. I would like to know if there is any way to switch on and off the back to back mosfets consider the (...)
Problem is due to physical layout. Make ground connection of FET from near the supply. Post some pics of wiring and front and back of board. Pulses on scope can also be picked from air if probes are not rightly connected.
If you can meet timing/power in prelayout, use all HVT then. Otherwise use mix mode, some time back end would be pissed off if you give them netlist not meeting timing.
The LDMOS transistors BLS6G2731-6G or BLS6G2735L-30 from NXP are specified for Class-AB pulsed RF operation in 2.7GHz - 3.1GHz range. Most probably if you back-off the output power (and losing efficiency) you can use the transistors for a Class-A PA design.
back in the "good old days", you could salvage stuff from electronics (I still have old vacuum tubes laying around that I expect to use 'any day now'). Nowadays I think you are probably better off just buying things new. Maybe you can find a usable power transformer or something like that, but everything else is just so (...)
I would use back to back mosfets for switching THE AC power. You could drive them via a pulse trafo, or a gate driver supplied from an isolated high side supply.
Dear forum members, How to get the peak to average ratio of PA and how is it related to modulation technique. what is meant by back off power of it related to peak to avg ratio. Also please give me an idea how constellation symbols relate to peak to avg ratio.
Hi guys. I need some help designing a Normal/Alternate DC uninterruptable power supply with battery back-up to illuminate a 14v lighting circuit. I will be using Locktronics to build the circuit and it needs to be as simple as possible. SPECS: Normal Alternative supplies to be rated @ 14v Battery back-up yo be 12v (...)
Hi Techs, Cansomeone help with some tips on this tv. On powering up tv the screen comes on blue color. and whenever i press the chanel buttons up and down it only goes to ch. 4, 3, and 67, but still remain in full blue color, there is no raster,. I would power off the set and imediately power on back (...)
Hello all. I am using Allegro PCB Editor 15.2. I had three GND planes and a power plane created with dynamic copper pours. Naturally, once I created them I turned off their visibility. At some point, when I turned them back on I noticed that the planes were making full contact with vias that they were not electrically connected to. This (...)