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Hi can you please tell me if this circuit will work as a very simple SSB generator? What are the pros and cons? I consider a very simple poor performance ssb generator.
Another attempt to explain the balanced modulator or ring modulator
This circuit is a (balanced) modulator but not AM modulator. AM modulator is very similar but have 750 resistors around the 50k potentiometer. Check the MC1496 datasheet.
By definition MC1496 is a balanced modulator and the main application is DSB modulation (Double Side Band – suppressed carrier). If is used as an AM modulator to don’t get carrier suppression (and getting instead, a DSB) you need a shift from suppressed carrier, which your circuit already have it (R5, R6, R10, (...)
A balanced modulator or multiplier can be used to double the frequency. Another way is generate a lot of harmonics, and use resonant circuit (or filter) to obtain desired frequency which is integer multiple of the input. S. H.
A DSB-SC sinal is: φ(t) = f(t) cos ω1t where ω1 is carrier. We want change the frequency of the carrier from ω1 to ω2 (which is known as frequency conversion). Show that the balanced modulator circuit of the picture is needed to do this conversion, injecting f(t).cos ( ω1t ) and A.cos ( ω2 ? (...)