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Direct link: 109464 1.hfss co-wound_spiral_antenna.hfss 2.hfss 10db_coupler.hfss 10ghz horn balanis.hfss 10ghz_horn_balanis(1).hfss 10ghz_horn_balanis.hfss 16ports.hfss antenas.hfss bob_150_15_18_2_oxido_underpass_plano_puertos.hfss cavity resonance checker.hfss cavity.hfss (...)
i've simulated a pyramidal horn antenna using dimensions from balanis' design procedure through the antenna designer kit. now when i try to excite the antenna with a simulated sma connector, i'm getting completely wrong return loss results ... what am i doing wrong?
Did u go through Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design by Constantine A. balanis Antennas by John D. Kraus regards tumati
I gather that you want to use the balanis formulation to calculate the directivity of your horn. a and b are the inside dimensions of the waveguide feed of your horn. It would be easier to remove the transition to measure the wg. You will probably find that it matches one of the standard sizes and have a 2:1 ratio. It looks like it (...)
This is the MATLAB Package of "Antenna Theoy and Design Third Edition" by C. balanis
use the Antennna theory and design by balanis very good book
The horn antennas hasn't real phase ceneter (read balanis). The point of 'relative' or 'virtual' phase center usually lies near the aperture slightly deep into the horn(on my calculation and measurements) for small angles horns, but the precise location of this point defined individually for any concrete (...)