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HI, I have some zigbee module and we need to connect a wire antenna on it has a 50 ohm impedance line in the pcb coming from a balun ...........i need to connect the antenna(wire type) at the edge of microstrip line(50 ohm @ 2.4Ghz) can i add a wire type antenna to it.....just connect a lambda/4 wire is enough?? th
Hi everyone, I am trying to sort out a design that has following line Pin -> VGA -> gain block -> driver amp -> PA -> Filter -> directional coupler (coupled signal fed back to VGA control) -> diode PIN switch -> Relay -> Pout Now problem is that PA can deliver and does deliver 48dBm when filter is not in loop but as soon as the filter gets
Dear all, I designed a Marchand balun operating at 5.5GHz for IEEE 802.11. The input impedance is 50 ohm at port 1, and output impedances are 100 ohm at port 2 and port 3, respectively. As we know, 50 ohm is the standard impedance of regular network analyzer. The issue comes as: how can we use the regular 50ohm 4-port network analyzer to mea
Hi Any one know, how to feed dipole antenna to get UHF TV. I have designed dipole antenna according to Balanis Antenna theory book. I have used 75 ohms coaxial where centre feed is connected to one arm and outer conductor is connected to other arm to make sure balanced. Is any body know how we can connect SMA connector to make balun in this
This file is available at If you are looking for info about balun and unun design using transmission line transformers try Sevick's book "Transmission Line Transformers".
Hi, Have anybody worked with Archimedean single-arm (aka monofilar spiral antenna). The antenna is microtripe type. I have problem in feeding this antenna. As theory, we can feed it without using balun as done with the two-arm spiral type, Instead by using coaxal cable directly connect to the antenna. But we don't know the input impedance of the an
I want to design Yagi antenna near 50 MHz with 300 Ohm impedance and matching with a 1:6 coax balun. But I dont know the balun design (1:6). Can anybody send me the theory behind it? Thanks
Using discrete passive components one can design baluns in the Agilent's AppCad proggie. Done it myself and works like a charm (20MHz, 2.5GHz)
Excuse me,who can attach three paper : 1.transmission line conversion transformers 2.a new wide-band balun 3.general theory and design of optimum quarter-wave TEM filter I want to know the theory of couple line balun,like marchand balun or anaren 's balun. thank you very much!
there are some things about balun, "RF.and.Microwave.Copled-Line.Circuits-Artech.House" and i learn a lot from it ,i think it well help you in your undunsdanding about balun
Hi, You can find a lot of site on the net talking on this subject (search with G00gle). Here are some * by t