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so my quiestion is: is it possible to design bandgap voltage reference without BJT? only using MOS transistors. if so, could you please give me a link to the solution
Hi, I am trying to do some study on low noise band gap. By low noise i mean integrated noise of 0.1Hz - 10Hz in the order of less than 10uVrms. If I have an existing design which has a noise of about 50uVrms, can anyone suggest tricks how to reduce the noise. Chopping is one option, but i am not sure how to implement it. Could someone help (...)
The old TV tuners (54 MHz to ~800 MHz) use an IF of about 420 MHz. This frequency gap was somewhere between VHF-III high band and UHF band, so the user didn't notice this gap.
Are you provided an external absolute reference of any kind? If not then you're not going to be free of temp and make tolerances without creating your own bandgap reference and, depending on the accuracy goals, perhaps a trimmable one.
Hello to all, As i know there are three main different bandgap references: 1-BJT core bandgap reference 2-Fully Mosfet bandgap reference 3-Mixed BJT and MOSFET core bandgap Reference I wanna know which of these three are better for (...)
Hello all.. i am trying to design micro-strip patch antenna in ADS using photonic crystals as a substrate .. can any one guide me how to find the band gap frequencies in photonic crystals. ??? i like to use alumina as photonic crystal and like to have operating frequency around 12 GHz,, please let me know by your views..
Hello, can anyone give me a design for a simple BGR with BJTs. if possible also give the design equations and R values. also can you give a me the model file for BJT to be used. thank you in advance. Ps: i have to simulate it in Tanner spice . thank you
Hi, I want to design to design a low supply-voltage(1.2V) BGR in 65nm technology (reference out should be around 0.6v). Can any one guide me by providing some suitable architectures and valuable suggestions. Thanks In Advance. :-)
hi members..... i designed a 10 bit pipelined ADC which is working at 100 MSPS. I am actually planning for a tape out. For the ADC i need a differential reference voltage. It has to be very precise. I tried to design an on chip band gap reference circuit. The reference voltage generation is done but when i connect it to the (...)
You missed the point. Here the regulator is inside the IC I am designing. It is all internal. To design a regulator, a reference (such as band gap) is needed.
I need some papers about band gap reference design for LDO ... other ... will also be fine Find here a collection of band gap designs (scroll down).
i have read some literature review about the designs of EBG structure. from that, i've found that they use two 50 ohm of microstrip lines at both end of the array of EBG. my question is, is it we use the same formula to obtain the feeding line for the antenna to obtain this microstrip line? and then should i put two ports for this design?
One convenient way to design such a wide band filter would be cascading low pass and high pass filters with LC designs. Coupled resonator is not practical for such a wide bandwidth.
Hi I am using defected ground on simple microstrip antenna. Please I need to know when I can call such defects (Electromagnetic band gap). Is there any relation with dimensions?
i am designing a PIN diode based SPDT switch in the frequency band of 30-500MHz. (i need minimum isolation of 45dB) i went through some design articles, they are suggesting "λ/4" spacing is required for better isolation. how to select "λ/4" gap for a frequency band? is it possible to replace (...)
Hi everyone, i am designing the band gap reference in which it requres op-amp(i am using folded cascode op-amp). My VBG voltage is 1.25V. My question is 1. How to decide/choose pmos tail current in opamp. Folded cascode op-amp is given
Hi Everyone, I'm gonna design a bandgap voltage reference in 0.13um technology with 1.2V supply. can any one tell me how to start?. which topology i should choose? and if there is a numerical example it would be great. thnanks in advance, banosey
Hi............ I have to design a microwave band pass chebychive filter with following specs.... 1-Centre frequency is 1.3GHz 2-100 MHz pass band... 3-Use capacitive gap coupled transmission line filter technique. 4-2-port quarter wavelength resonators technique. Nothing else is given by my adviser..... I have (...)
Hi meleo, To get a high precision current reference with PVT you need to have a high precision bandgap reference. To get that you need to trim your part to remove the Process variations since a properly trimmed bandgap removes the temperature variations then all you need to design for is a (...)
As Erikl said, if you need to trim an analogue voltage use a DAC. Other trim techniques involve reading data into a shift register at powerup, the outputs of the shift register control individual nmos transistors that short out certain options, this could be shorting out sub-resistors that make up the complete resistor in the band gap reference PT