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Hi, In band-gap reference circuit.Why there is 1:n ration of BJT? Regards Shrikant
Hello to everyone! I'm actually working on photonic crystals, in particular I'm trying to evaluate the photonic band gap, through dispersion diagram, for a number of different lattice shapes. I've already successfully did a square lattice, but for now I'm unable to obtain valid results for a rhomboidal lattice, like that of the screenshot app
Hello to everyone! I'm actually working on photonic crystals, in particular I'm trying to evaluate the photonic band gap, through dispersion diagram, for a number of different lattice shapes. I've already successfully did a square lattice, but for now I'm unable to obtain valid results for a rhomboidal lattice, like that of the screenshot app
...perhaps it would be even better to remove the transistor completely and use the LM334 as the temperature sensor itself... This is an ideal temp sensor in the sense that it gives directly the absolute temp without the need for any reference. In addition, because of the band gap nature of the device, the var
In the fabrication of Carbon Nanotube FETs, the nanotubes are placed on the Si substrate over a layer of SiO2. Is this done to increase the band gap of the material or just to improve the adherence to the substrate??
Using dispersion plot (ω Vs K), we can understand the nature of guided modes, present within the photonic band-gap. The photonic band-gap (PBG) appears since different discrete values of ω present at same K value. How can I understand the phenomena, if at different K values there exist same value of ω, (...)
... something which gives a more detailed explanation. Here's a nice article about a 4-bit current trimmed bandgap reference: 126419 And here a simple R-2R trim network for a 5-bit DAC : 126420
Hello everyone, I am working on one project which is "Wide-band antenna for medical application" i am supposed to achieve the miniaturization of the same. Now i know the meander slot can help in miniaturization of antenna which i got to know by studying few papers but however i failed to find the theory of the same that how it is actually working
Hi, I was trying to find the modes of a symmetric photonic crystal based waveguide. The eigenmode solver of CST is doing nice with my requirement but in many publication people are getting even and odd modes within the band gap for a symmetrical structure. I am a bit confused that, do I have to do something to get both the modes or it is the jo
so my quiestion is: is it possible to design bandgap voltage reference without BJT? only using MOS transistors. if so, could you please give me a link to the solution
A state machine with flip flops is simple to control these 3 states. plus Vbat present. Use a current sense R such as 75~ 100mV at max current. Use a band gap ref for controlling current , voltage and shutdown float, which is included in LM317, but using a linear regulator is very inefficient with heat sink required. Measure average current with
Hello, I am trying to generating a dispersion diagram of a EBG for determining its band-gap on CST (MWS). I want to get a dispersion diagram as shown(Fig. 2),Does any one knows the procedure to obtain it in CST MWS? Thanks in advance. Praful
This is sub-bandgap territory, folded I expect and still every current source or mirror that matters, will be swung from linear to saturation across that range if you are driving into a diode (you are, somewhere). Current mirror fidelity I imagine is the main problem. I think you need to look at stuff like replica feedback for current bias master
Is there any possibility in silvaco TCAD to introduce band gap in material. i want to use different energy band gap for different transport direction of a material. i.e.transverse direction one energy gap value and longitudinal directon different energy value to support all transverse modes of material.
Hi, I am trying to do some study on low noise band gap. By low noise i mean integrated noise of 0.1Hz - 10Hz in the order of less than 10uVrms. If I have an existing design which has a noise of about 50uVrms, can anyone suggest tricks how to reduce the noise. Chopping is one option, but i am not sure how to implement it. Could someone help me wit
I would recommend to increase the minimal gap to roughly 0.2mm (~8 mils). That's a confident gap you can manufacture or etch yourself. Should be okay for x-band filter too. You mention about some pads that you solder the sucoform cables to. Those pads, if done incorrectly, are a sufficient reason that your performance is degraded (by a lot). (...)
Hi All, Generally, in band-gap references we do insert a small "ac signal" in between output of Op-Amp & gate terminals of PMOS transistors, for analyzing stability, right? As we know, output of Op-Amp is the low impedance node. What ever the small ac signal we are applying will go into the output of Op-Amp as it is low
The old TV tuners (54 MHz to ~800 MHz) use an IF of about 420 MHz. This frequency gap was somewhere between VHF-III high band and UHF band, so the user didn't notice this gap.
I understand that you are asking how to generate the reference itself? If so, how about reviewing IC design text books about band gap circuits?
Hi. I'm familiar with FDTD very well. I want to simulate a Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) using 2D FDTD. actually,I want to obtain following figure (figure 1).(this is a band gap diagram). in FDTD,we gain fields E and H. How obtain this diagram from E,H fields? y-axis is normalized frequency (a/λ). x_axis is vertices of a cell in PCF (see
Hi everyone, Im trying to simulate a paper which is attached. Its a dipole structure on an Electromagnet band gap (EBG). I wanted to know how can I simulate the structure. I mean from which points should I set my discrete port in CST... Awaiting replies... Regards
Hi how we can determine the size of EBG? what are the rules of the design of the EBG? how we can design an EBG for 869 MHZ? help please many thanks
Hi I am doing research on photonics crystals, using FDTD method and the Matlab code I have made it my GUI environment. Do you need to change the structure of the code is updated? In addition, the band gap and spray charts and I can not transfer power to get you please help me and give me the code in this field Grateful[
Hi All, I am working on a project with EMPro to simulate a Yagi-Uda antenna in the GSM-850 band (824-894 MHz). I have the driven element halfwave-dipole extruded (two hollow cylinder pieces with a gap in between for the feeding signal), but I am not sure what function to use to feed the signal to the driver elements. I watched through the tutori
I use transfer matrix method. I try to plot the phase Φ(ω) versus frequency ω graph in the vicinity of a band gap. The transmission coefficient t(ω) is t(ω) = |t(ω)|*exp(i*Φ(ω)) from which I get the transmission phase Φ(ω) = atan(t_imaginary(ω)/t_real(ω)). Since I assume th
Hi, Is it necessary to put a guard ring around band gap Reference BJT's ?? If so, what type of Guard ring (nwell/psub) is preferable ??
Hello jamaleddin mollasalman, by accident, I was also trying to ask the same question. I already finished the design of many band gap reference voltage and current based on the parasitic bipolar transistor introduced by the CMOS technology. the only problem of this design is they have large area occupied by the bipolar transistors as well as the
Hello, I need this paper please.. Can anyone send it to me? A 1 V, 26 μW extended temperature range band-gap reference in 130-nm CMOS technology Cabrini 2005 Thanks in advance
Hello, Does anyone have this paper, please? "Low power current mode bandgap reference circuit with CMOS process" Also, I am a newbie to bandgap current reference. Can any one help know which papers are most helpful for me, please? Thanx in advance BR,
Graphene is a wonder material with exotic properties. But, zero band gap in graphene hinders its application in logic devices. what are the factors responsible for bandgap opening in graphene? How band gap is opened by hetero atom doping and chemical modification in graphene?
hi need a book related to photonic band gap structures in engineering or any book rekaated to pbg.
Hi, all. I am simulating a band gap reference. It have four pins to do current trim. When I sweep these four pins by parametric analysis tool, It gives me a different result from ordinary(change the pin's signal by manual) simulation. I am puzzled by it, and I confirm the setting is right. Could anyone help me? Thank you. [SI
Now i know what is direct or indirect band gap material, but How can we determine a material has direct or indirect band gap, experimentally?:roll:
Hello everyone, I am designing a band gap Reference circuit, all the circuits I can find(eg Brokov Bg reference) give an output voltage of ~1.25 volts(close to the band gap voltage of silicon at 0 Kelvin) , can anyone pls suggest an architecture that gives an output voltage of 3 volts? Thanks! also, most circuits seem (...)
Hi, I am doing PSRR simulation of bandgap Reference in Spectre. Please, let me know the simulation set-up procedure : I have applied 1V AC signal in Vsupply and did AC simulation and plot Vout in dB scale. Is it correct way to simulate PSRR of band gap reference. Please also review following results . I have gone (...)
Hello all.. i am trying to design micro-strip patch antenna in ADS using photonic crystals as a substrate .. can any one guide me how to find the band gap frequencies in photonic crystals. ??? i like to use alumina as photonic crystal and like to have operating frequency around 12 GHz,, please let me know by your views..
Hello, can anyone give me a design for a simple BGR with BJTs. if possible also give the design equations and R values. also can you give a me the model file for BJT to be used. thank you in advance. Ps: i have to simulate it in Tanner spice . thank you
Hi, I want to design to design a low supply-voltage(1.2V) BGR in 65nm technology (reference out should be around 0.6v). Can any one guide me by providing some suitable architectures and valuable suggestions. Thanks In Advance. :-)
1. Depends on Ic : For Vce=Vbe > Vce(sat)=f(Ic) , i.e. for low currents (bandgap application) it works in active region. 2. Depends on your BJT models' level: Usually you get BJT models with level < 3 , these are combinations of the Ebers-Moll and Gummel-Poon models, but there are also more sophisticated BJT models available (e.g.
Does photo-excitation in semiconductor occur though vertical transition or not? do check for a) GaAs (Eg=2.8eV) b) CdSe (Eg=1.5eV) i know both materials are direct band gap material with Eg=1.43 and 1.74 what i like to know is that if the given energy level in bracket produce transition Thank you very much for your help
Hi, This Zener is from a SMPS Matra ADS850. Can anyone help me in identify it's value throw the colour code? These are MELF/ Mini MELF package.There are color coded according to standard by few manufacturers and not by all.Many manufacturers use custom color coding system.Chinese made are more difficult to identify because the
hi members..... i designed a 10 bit pipelined ADC which is working at 100 MSPS. I am actually planning for a tape out. For the ADC i need a differential reference voltage. It has to be very precise. I tried to design an on chip band gap reference circuit. The reference voltage generation is done but when i connect it to the ADC through a buffer it
Sorry I did not clearly tell what I need. See attached diagram. The IC under design is within the blue box.There is a external AC rectifier that can generate 10 - 12V DC from AC. If AC is active, then regulated 3.3V will be the supply of band gap and DC to DC booster. If AC is not active, then battery is used and DC to DC booster is enabled.
Hi All, I am designing band gap reference block in chartered 65nm process. Across the temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees there is a total of 0.7% variation in the output voltage. I have optimised the circuit such taht the decrease in voltage to the left of the central point and the decrease in voltage to the right of the central point are al
Visit the link: Direct and indirect band gaps - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia DoITPoMS - TLP Library Introduction to Semiconductors - Direct and Indirect band gap Semiconductors
Hi everybody I want to calculate band diagram of my photonic bandgap structure with bandsolve. I just started to learn how to use bandsolve. So, I tried to simulate photonic bandgap structure using "Air-spaced GaN nanopillar photonic band (...)
Something else, band gap.
can you please say whether the circuit gives proper band-gap voltage without start-up circuit(start-up circuit disconnected) at weak -40 degree Celsius?
I need some papers about band gap reference design for LDO ... other ... will also be fine Find here a collection of band gap designs (scroll down).
i have read some literature review about the designs of EBG structure. from that, i've found that they use two 50 ohm of microstrip lines at both end of the array of EBG. my question is, is it we use the same formula to obtain the feeding line for the antenna to obtain this microstrip line? and then should i put two ports for this design?