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hi my specifications are passband frequencies are 200 and 315 for a band pass filter i have to design a filter bank with a range of frequencies. this is first frequency band i have to design a fir filter bank form 200 to 7500 hz. my sampling frequency (...)
Hi all, I am designing a interpolated fir filter. I have designed FIR filter using the coefficients that I got from matlab. But how to design a 2 stage interpolated fir filter with pass-band gain of 6.02 db. I read many IFIR filters which uses linear (...)
hello everyone, i have a question about a digital filter ,plz help me i design a band-pass filter in matlab ,i simulate this filter and all everything is ok but i need execute this filter in C with my application but i do not know how can export to a header file or C file (...)
I have just coded a matlab program to generate the coupling matrix based on Amari's paper very recently. The program is not on the current laptop. I will post it next week. Currently, this program can generate the coupling matrix once the pass band and transmission zeros are specified. Based on the coupling matrix, I can further map it to (...)
pass band 4-6 kHz Transition width 0.5kHz pass band ripple 1dB Stop band attenuation 50dB Sampling frequency 20kHZ FFT frame length 512 a) Apply the optimal method to design and implement (i) the pass band and stop band ripples (ii)The (...)
Hello, I am new to matlab and I am doing a Brain Computer Interfacing project for my final year. The situation I am in now is that I have an EEG Data in (.mat file) and load it into matlab command window. I have the range of bands for Alpha,Beta,Delta and Gamma in (.m file) for each of them(using Low and band (...)
It is not a random signal... It is a signal composed by sinewaves with randomly chosen frequencies. A better broad-band signal would be "randn". Moreover, you could low/band/high pass filter it to obtain the desired signal bandwidth.
i need the matlab code of band pass filter while using low pass and high pass...
Dear All, I am trying to implement an FIR band pass filter using fir1() function but I am confused in normalizing the frequencies.Whether I had to divide my frequencies by fs or fs/2 for normalization to be used as Wn. Which one will give me the correct results?I had divided my band freq range by fs/2
Hi I am a student and I am new to matlab. I am asked to synthesize a channel as a bandpass filter using fir1 function can anyone help me please.
hi im looking for bandpass filter matlab code for EEG signal. im interested to have filter for taking out gamma (25 to 80 HZ) signal from EEG raw signal. but im became confuse of lots of program which is exist and i dono how to use. may anybody help me.
Hi! I am currently working on a wireless pulse-oximeter as my final year project. we are having some trouble in the digital signal processing part particularly in the implementation of different filters in C. we are using TI's MSP430 for the project. We have implemented DC tracking filter in matlab but dont know how to translate it in C. (...)
I am trying to design the band pass filter using ADS schematic model and Layout model using your case ADS Ptolemy is not involved at all. Your data are data which have frequency as independent variable. how can I use ADS Ptolemy in this case?Do you understand what Ptole
Hi! I need to realize a time variant filter in simulink/matlab and discovered the function block "Transfer Fcn Direct Form II Time Varying" which should do the job. Unfortunately I'm completely lost with z-parameters. Can anybody help me here? I need the coefficients for a band pass at frequency "f0" and +-3db cut off at (...)
Hi I have a waveform and I need to filter it using a band pass filter to allow frequencies 30 to 70 Mhz. How do I make matlab accept my waveform as its input when doing filtering? I can calculate the co efficients by giving my specifications and I do not know how to give my waveform as an (...)
can anybody help me how to design band pass filter from altera megacore fnction. I have gone through altera filter pdf but didn't understand how to calculate the filter coefficients from matlab?
Hello everyone, Can someone pls give me a matlab code for demodulation using a band pass filter (which is useful in Digital Audio Broadcasting or ant other system. Thank you all in advance. Kemmy
one possibility is that you create BP filter code using matlab and then convert (translate) it to C (tools may be available on internet). for creating filter using matlab refer below topic Need bandpass filter matlab code
Hello, I'm a beginner to DSP and matlab. I have to design a filter in matlab. Please refer to the question below. Can anyone please help me with the design codes? Thanks. Design a 50th order FIR low pass, high pass, band pass and band stop (...)
Hi all. I want to program an equalizer in matlab. I've found that central frequencies por band-pass filters must be 31,63,15,250,500...... but i can't find the bandwith for each band pass filter, can anyone please help me? Thanks