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Hey guys, I have a problem here I could use a few suggestions. I building a current mode bandgap, the one that uses resistor divison to provide sub-1v voltages. My circuit behaves good in typical (0.3% variation over VT) and around 2.6% at all corners. The problem is the montecarlo simulations. The devices mismatch introduce a lot of (...)
Dear all, in the cadence environment output noise can be simulated, for bandgap simulations the integrated output noise over 500kHz is about 10uV@dc, input noise 0.5V. The specified source is the supply with 1V ac amplitude. Is there some relation to the offset voltage of the bandgap input stage? Is (...)
Hello, Attached is a picture of an LDO schematic seen in the IEEE paper: A 1.21V, 100mA, 0.1uF - 10uF output capacitor LDO voltage regulator for SOC applications. The vref is a bandgap voltage (1.2V) and the resistors R1 and R2 are adjusted to deliver the desired output voltage (2.5V). The VDD = 3V The output PMOS pass (...)
Hi I have designed a BG reference with 1.28 output voltage and 2v supply, the flicker noise is high since I used only 1uA in the branches (the power consumption is very critical in my design), now I heard about what is called chopper stabilization but I couldn't find any resource explaining exactly what it is, so can some one please provide me wit
In bandgap, the PTAT current is obtained by the delta_Vbe/R circuit. The implicit assumption is that the same current flows through both transistors! In bandgap A, the opamp offset and mismatch will contribute to the current difference. In bandgap B, if (...)
i think it's really hard to design precision CMOS bandgap due to mismatch and offset of MOSFETs are more serious than BJTs. there are some published papers focusing in this, but dont know whether it can be really used in chips for production.
The bandgap voltage spread is defined by the offset voltage spread of the control amplifier and the current mismatch of T4/T5. The used bipolars could have an impact depending on the amount of voltage drop of the internal emitter resistance. That resistor re*(1-1/12) have to be compared to the 200 ohm resistor (...)
In my simple bandgap design , I simulation the slope of Vbe and delta Vbe in TSMC technology. But the slope of delta Vbe is not k/q(lnn), much smaller. so I have to increase the ratio of R1/R0. So the Vref is not 1.25V , almost 2V What is wrong? I sim the circuit in chartered technology ,It is the same.
Hello bharatsmile, Limitations of this startup that I can think of: 1. it is always on because when vdd is up, the diode connected nmos is going to have a vgs across it. The pmos connected to V- will have a high Vgs across it. 2. the bandgap voltage is going to have an error term because the startup pmos transistor has current that dumps into
how to calculate offset voltage of opamp for CMOS and BJT? how to calculate offset voltage and noise of bandgap reference?can the offset and noise be seen visually?How? pls help me, i need the answer urgently. thanks.
Hi all, I'm designing a chopping-op based bandgap such as attachment and I encounter an issue about the selection of chopping frequency and loop bandwidth: In attachment, bandgap itself's Loop 1 can suppress the high frequency parts if its bandwidth (...)
hi guys., how to troubleshoot start-up issue in bandgap. any relevant document or journal will help full.thank in advance.
hi all! My bandgap opamp got ard 3 mv offset. and i use it for ADC with resolution of 7 mv. Do you think i need to have input offset cancellation to eliminate the input offset by using switch capacitor technique. Any disadvantage by using this technique as need to use clock (...)
hi! is it good to use folded cascode opamp for the bandgap? bcoz it have more pair to match and more prone to mismatch and introduce input offset.
Hi all ~ i have a question about how to determine the unit gain bandwidth, gain,slew rate ....of OPA for bandgap reference. thanks a lot ~!!
i don't think phase margin is important for the opamp used in bandgap. because bandgap is almost a dc circuit and dc gain and offset of the opamp maybe more important. Hi First of all, for all systems with feedback to work properly, they should be stable otherwise (...)
Hi all! could you give me some information about bandgap amplifier,thanks! (papers or book) Thanks!
Take care of the offset voltage of the amplifier, since this offset will directly reflet in the bandgap voltage. Bastos
For a bandgap, there must be OP. But how are the parameters(Gain, BandWidth, noise, psrr, cmrr, SlewRate) determied.
Genneraly, the two bipolar PNP follwer is formed to deduce the effect of OPAMP offset to the output of bandgap. But the current gain β of local PNP(in cmos process) is relatively small, therefore, the first PNP base current is inserting the second PNP emitter, so this causes the offset of output of (...)