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If VE=Vf & R4=R5, then the current through M10 & M9 are the same & So is M11 &M10 currents -->making Vgs9=vgs11. And lets assume Vgs9 >Vgs11. Then we will have node Ve not equal to Vf, which is not possible with the amp. Actually R4 is not equal to R5; see the original paper which proposed this topology: "A Low-Power Di
Hi, I am reading from Thomas Lee's book on RFIC about bandgap references. It uses an acronym TC and I can't seem to figure it out. "The best we can do is achieve zero TC at one temperature. Further more, in order to achieve this zero TC condition at that one temperature ..." TC= temperature coefficient? Thanks, Tyro
The design of bandgap references is not trial and error. The theory and design is covered in every IC design book. Keith
I need some papers about Band Gap reference design for LDO The input voltage is 2v and the gap should output 1.2v for the LDO reference I am using 0.13um tsmc13rf and running simulations in cadence a book other than razafi's ,which i already have, will also be fine Thanks guys
Hi, you can read chapter 11 of Razavi's book. The chapter is about bandgap reference.
do you need constant-gm or bandgap ? you can find it in any textbooks.
find in the ieee with key word "bandgap" "low voltage"
Hi, you may search the following book for bandgap reference design; (1)Voltage references-From diodes to Precision High-Order bandgap Circuits
Typical bandgap circuit, refer Razavi book
I am looking some bandgap reference circuit and seems the thermal shutdown ckt can be derived from this kind of circuit , as mention by road.
what is the best books/papers on bandgap voltage reference? please give me some advices, thanks.
Hi, I am a newcomer to design analog circuits(such as opamp and bandgap reference). I would like to find some data and websites introducing analog simulations with hspice. Tell me that how to get those source,please. Thank you very much. chinwei
razavi has a chapter about bandgap refrences.
One guy told me that, bigger bjt ratio really improves precision of the bandgap output. His experience is: with 8:1, 1 sigma voltage is about 3mV, with 16:1, 1 sigma voltage is about 1mV.
Do you know any book or ref to design the startup circuit for bandgap both in cmos and bicmos process. Please advise. thanks
I need startup circuit for bangap voltage reference and value for R1 and R2. VDDA=5V
I am a student.I want to study bandgap reference.I can get CMOS spice parameters from how can i get parameters of lateral BJT which are compatible with CMOS process?
I think 1.2 V is an old concept of the original bandgap reference design, in fact, in current CMOS process, use the parasitic PN junction and current mode circuitry, the temperature independt reference is not limited to 1.2V Regards, Added after 2 minutes: There is a book focus on the bandgap (...)
I develop high precise bandgap voltage reference. To advise me books and articles about curvature compensated bandgap voltage reference. If you have accomplished same projects , tell me what technique for curvature compensation you used and what parameters you achieved?
To sunking, It is for bipolar version bandgap. Is there any similiar circuits for CMOS bandgap ?