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Hi, GBW: I donīt see why a factor of 100 shoulld be necessary. at least 5 maybe 20. Noise: Iīd use an Opamap feedback to create a 58kHz bandpass. This reduces unwanted OPAMP noise. Then you donīt have to worry about Opamp noise. Power supply: Make it simple. Potentiometer, filter adjustment: Why not a fixed (...)
I am used to a medical technician telling me 'Now stay absolutely still during the test'. The technician takes readings. I suppose if I move once or twice, the technician recognizes it as an irregular reading, and ignores it. Your device needs to be smart enough to reject irregular readings. A simple (...)
Hi I need to design a bandpass filter at 64 MHz with passband of 3 MHz and insertion loss of less than 0.5 dB. I tried to design using lumped element LC topology. The simulation results are great but the very sensitive (...)
Hello everyone, Which substrate material is suitable for Narrow-band bandpass filter(coupled line type) at 10 GHz, A low dielectric material(like er=2.2) or high dielectric material(like er=10.2). I need to keep insertion loss as low as possible.Please help me out. Thanks (...)
Hello, How we can design the Narrowband Microwave bandpass filter using Cavity Resonator filter coupled with small irises ?? How we can decide the size and type of iris that can be suitable for our (...)
Hi, I am using Microwave office to design filters. I am designing bandpass filters in the frequency range 160 MHz +/-25 MHz bandwidth and also 160 MHz +/-0.25 MHz. Second frequency range is 1000 MHz +/- (...)
122082 122083 This is so weird. I build this simple bpfilter. I used t50-6 amidon. I want it for 18.1 Mhz. So, in spice its perfect with either 3300pf and 24nH... Or 2200pf and 35nH. (2 or 3 turns, inductor). I tried both. As you se it works over 18 Mhz in spice but then i build it for real t
Hello, I am following the design example of an interdigital filter with symmetric coupled lines as given in Microstrip filters for RF-Microwave Applications (Lancaster), page 141. I managed to calculate the characteristic impedances in even and odd-mode and, (...)
Dear Members, I would like to design a single bandpass filter that passes the following frequency bands and blocks all other harmonics: 0.88-1 GHz, 1.75-1.95 GHz, 2.3-2.5 GHz and 5-6 GHz. Can (...)
hey can anybody guide me to design bandpass filter using lumped components ONLY in ads and how to check the results ?
This isn't actually an active bandpass, rather a passive LC filter followed by a gain stage, which simplifies calculations. Obviously you got the resonance frequency wrong, but that's no the only design problem. You should face the fact that it's almost impossible to achieve the intended Q of 400 for 6.8 (...)
I want to design a bandpass filter using equivalent circuit of a two port MEMS resonator. My frequency is 400 MHz. I want to start with the schematic and then design the layout in momentum.
Hi all, I want to design filter to implement on FPGA with a mentioned parameters in subject but when i am starting to design it on matlab fdatool, it gives very high order filter result, and when i decrease or set by myself upto 10 order its impulse response is not good as i want. Any (...)
Hey everyone, So I have this question: In a certain application an output signal with f=500 Hz is affected by a DC offset and a 400 KHz noise signal. design, Simulate and implement a circuit that will cancel the offset and attenuate the noise signal by around 20 dB. (...)
Hi all, I am trying to design a third order chebyshev edge coupled bandpass filter. The center frequency of the filter is 6.2 GHz with a 10% fractional bandwidth.I manufactured the filter and measured it (...)
hi everyone... I am trying to design a non-uniform digital FIR filter bank and i am using Parks McClellan algorithm to design each bandpass filter. I know lower and upper cut-off (...)
hello everyone, i m trying to design the 5th order interdigital microstrip bandpass filter in ADS..i don't know how to calculate the dimensional values of resonator and i don't know the exact components for designing the filter.i have used (...)
Hello, which types of capacitors are best suited for an HF bandpass filter for RX only? 1. A Silver mica 2. An NP0 disk and why?
hello.. i need basic idea about predisotortion...i m going to work with low pass filter at the input side and output side bandpass filter ..maily in my stsytem contains random intereger generator,qpsk modulato ,raise cosine (...)
Hi, I have a project to fabric an amplifier by transistor in ADS and the current step is design bandpass filter as compenents and circuits. I work at 5GHz. thx