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There are several alternatives - mostly based on multi-amplifier biquad (state variable) design. One simple method is given in the pdf attachement. bandpass: Vin,1=Vin,3=0 (grounded) and Vout/Vin,2=bandpass response. But note that the output requires a buffer amplifier (with voltage output). Note also: The given circuit (...)
1GHz bandpass with 10MHz BW is a challenge, and now you want to tune it? 8O I think that you should consider YIG filters or re-design your system arechitecture. YIG filter example data:
Anyone knows how to design a bandpass filter at 434MHz? Or do you have any relevant documents or journal to share with? the bandpass filter is connected at the receiver side Thanks for your guidance and advice!!
Hii I am new to microstrip filter design. Can anyone tell me good reference material that helps to do quick designs using ADS. Also, if anyone can help me with their layout projects, suggetions. At the end of this project I want to have a bandpass filter for 2.4GHz on FR4 with good out of band (...)
I have a task to design a broadband bandpass filter design, covering 1GHz to 6 GHz. It is highly prefered that the size of the filter is compact. Is there any good filter implemention for my purpose? Is it a good idea to simply cascading a lowpass filter and highpass (...)
hi, the best design method to realize the RF BPF (NOT CAVITY filterS) The specifications: Passband range: 400MHz-600MHz Passband Insertion Loss: < -3dB Passband Return Loss: >-15dB Attenuation at 10 % away from bandwidth is around -60dB please help in getting the best design method... thank you
Hi Some companies such as RLC electronics can produce custom bandpass filter with custom center frequency, BW and sharpness. Regards